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Zeny Guide

Making zeny can be incredibly daunting for any new user especially with the drop penalty system.

The following guide and prices shown are tailored to the “Baphomet” server, but the same principles can apply to any server.

Notice: All listed prices are subject to change. Please research current market price.


  • Players should make a merchant for NPC trading and creating vending shops.
  • Pay attention to the market for popular items. Check Official Market Tracker.
  • Use Kafra.kr to check average market prices for items.
  • Use Divine-Pride to get Korean Names.
  • The best method of making zeny is always fulfilling a demand. The difficulty is finding the demand.
  • Methods listed below can overlap which yields higher profits.

Common Valuables

Farming high drop rate common items is one of the easiest ways to make zeny. Thief jobs excel at this method due to Steal skill.

Monster Level Range Item Approximate Market Price
Rocker 15 Grasshopper's Leg 1,000z
Bigfoot 29 Bear's Footskin 1,000z
Yo-yo 38 Yoyo Tail 2,000z
Cacao 8,000z
Metaller 55 Grasshopper's Leg 1,000z
Alligator 57 Anolian Skin 4,000z
Sidewinder 70 Venom Canine 1,000z
High Orc 81 Ogre Tooth 25,000z
Bathory 86 Witch Star Sand 2,000z
Kobold 101 Blue Hair 3,000z
Desert Wolf 103 Claw of Desert Wolf 3,000z
Arclouse 107 Round Shell 12,000z
Anolian 109 Anolian Skin 3,000z
Dark Pinguicula 113 Elder Branch 10,000z
Biolab 5 176 Cursed Fragment 40,000z

Instance Items

Players can make zeny by selling Instances rewards. This includes but not limited to:

If you have multiple accounts, you can increase the profits by running the instance as a party.

Card Hunting

Obtaining cards can be very tedious. Therefore, you should hunt an expensive one or a place with multiple valuable items.

You can use this kafra.kr link to look at all cards. Go to the last pages to see the most expensive ones.

Card Approximate Market Price
Swamp Arclouse Card 2,000,000z
Brown Rat Card 4,000,000z
Goblin Card 5,000,000z
Unleashed Magic Card 5,000,000z
Nightmare Verit Card 10,000,000z
Headless Mule Card 17,000,000z
Grey Wolf Card 20,000,000z
Purple Pitaya Card 20,000,000z
Yellow Pitaya Card 25,000,000z
Contaminated Wanderer Card 30,000,000z
Phantom Wolf Card 50,000,000z
Immortal Wind Ghost Card 350,000,000z

Raw Zeny

Farming directly for zeny is very difficult due to the drop penalty. However, there are a few spots at certain level ranges:

Area Level Range Notes

73 Crimson Two-Handed Sword [2] can either be sold to NPC or vended.
Vend the Mystic Rough Runestone

Mi Gao
83 Mud Lump can be sold to NPC for a hefty price.
Keep the Sand Clump because they can be vended or used for Eden Item Gathering.

84 Crystal Mirror
Witherless Rose
Mavka Card

119 Majority of the loot from here can be sold.

Abyss Lake Floor 3
130 Sell the equipment Morpheus's Hood, Morrigane's Helm, Fricca's Circlet,
and Stone Buckler [1] to the NPC.

Vend the Bijous.

Bifrost Tower Floor 3
146 A lot of high value common drops such as Bookclip in Memory, Leaf Bookmark,
and Dustball.

Illusion of Labyrinth
170 Currently the best raw zeny per hour due to no drop penalty in Illusion Dungeons.

Crafting / Quest Items

Every job requires a consumable or item and almost every item has a purpose. For example, you will consistently find vendors in Eden Group who sells the items needed for Item Collection Quest.

Some of these items are stated in the previous section, Common Valuables. However, there are Geneticist potions, Guillotine Cross poisons, Rune Knight runes, and Pet & Evolution items which you can research and vend their loot.

Desert Wolf is an excellent example. It drops Claw of Desert Wolf which is used for Rune Knights. So you can level here while making zeny.

Crimson Weapons

With the update that allows converting Crimson Weapons into Guarantee Refine Certificates, you would find players selling high refine Crimson Weapons as an pseudo-method of trading these account-bound certificates. The alternative is using the Refine Certificate Packager. However, players will still buy no refine Crimson Weapons to gamble. Check out the RO Official Event Calendar to see if a refine event is approaching. You can easily increase the price when vending the weapons. Depending on the element and weapon type, they can go from 50,000z (Fire Element) to 2,000,000z (Holy Element) each. Remember, Crimson Weapons can be sold to NPCs for a decent amount of zeny.

Energy Fragments

Energy Fragment are account bound items that are in high demand for Fallen Warrior Manteau [1] and Biolab 5 Headgears.

However, players can convert specific weapons into Energy Fragments.

This creates a pseudo-market for energy fragments by vending the weapons. Players can find these weapons by farming Biolab 3, Old Purple Boxes, or Kachua Diamong Exchange.


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