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Zeny Guide

Making zeny on official server can be incredibly daunting for any new user. kRO especially makes it difficult due to the drop penalty system. This guide is dedicated specifically to the “Baphomet” server, but the same principles can apply to any server.

Important Information

  • You should make a merchant for OC/DC and vending as soon as possible. Having a job 50 merchant is super useful to pass out for vending.
  • You need to pay attention to the market for popular items. Check Official Market Tracker for popular items.
  • Use Kafra.kr to check average market prices for items (use Divine-Pride to get Korean Names).
  • Profits and Buying Power is entirely dependent on how well you view the market.
  • The best method of making zeny is always fulfilling a demand. The struggle is finding that demand.

Market Valuables

For beginner, it is recommended to level where the loot is valuable to the market. A thief class excels at this method due to Steal skill.

Monster Lv Range Item Market Price
Rocker 15 Grasshopper's Leg 1,500z
Bigfoot 29 Bear's Footskin 1,500z
Yo-yo 38 Yoyo Tail 9,000z
Cacao 30,000z
Metaller 55 Grasshopper's Leg 1,500z
Alligator 57 Anolian Skin 10,000z
Sidewinder 70 Venom Canine 5,000z
Bathory 86 Witch Star Sand 3,000z
Crimson Rod 100,000z
Kobold 101 Blue Hair 15,000z
Crimson Two-Handed Axe 100,000z
Desert Wolf 103 Claw of Desert Wolf 10,000z
Crimson Dagger 100,000z
Anolian 109 Anolian Skin 10,000z

Instance/Illusion Farming

One of the easiest methods of obtaining zeny is selling instance rewards. This includes but not limited to:

  • Unknown Parts
  • Geffen Magic Coin
  • Bloody Coin
  • Illusion Stone
  • Coagulated Spell
  • Barmil Tickets
  • Cor Core
  • Contaminated Spell

Prices constantly flucuate but these items are ordered from least expensive to most expensive. The easiest way to farm these is to multiclient and run the instances as a party. But you can also farm certain items in the fields such as Cor Cores and Illusion Stones. A recent update allows illusion stones to be dropped at all illusion dungeons at a low rate. Since the EXP is great, you can dual purpose by also making zeny on the side.

Card Hunting

Card can be very tedious to farm so you should hunt something that can be worth while. Note that these are estimated market price.

Monster Card Market Price
Yoyo Card 2,500,000z
Goblin Card 2,000,000z
Hunter Fly Card 7,000,000z
Mantis Card 2,000,000z
Headless Mule Card 70,000,000z
Jaguar Card 3,000,000z
Brown Rat Card 70,000,000z
Swamp Arclouze Card 20,000,000z
Nightmare Verit Card 50,000,000z
Cenere Card 10,000,000z
Unleashed Magic Card 40,000,000z
Elite Bellare Card 8,000,000z
Sewage Venenum Card 20,000,000z
Sewage Waterfall Card 8,000,000z
Sewage Cramp Card 80,000,000z
Magical Dolor Card 10,000,000z
Bookworm Card 40,000,000z
Roaming Spellbook Card 20,000,000z
Beta Cleaner Card 55,000,000z
Boiled Water Phen Card 10,000,000z
Boiled Water Marc Card 90,000,000z
Boiled Water Swordfish Card 20,000,000z
Yellow Pitaya Card 140,000,000z
Purple Pitaya Card 55,000,000z
Broken Security Beta Card 90,000,000z
Immortal Wind Ghost Card 1,000,000,000z
Contaminated Wanderer Card 220,000,000z

Important: Every card is worth at least 1 million. This is because kRO has a seasonal card event where you can turn in 1 card for a Monster Coin. These coins are worth 1 million each because you can turn in 5 coins for 1 random card including a super rare chance for an MVP card.

Raw Zeny

Raw Zeny farming is unfortunately very difficult due to the drop penalty and also the fact that every item is worth more by vending (even jellopy). However, there are a few spots you can grind towards the earlier levels to fund some of your consumable needs.

  • Mi Gaos (Lv 80): Mud Lumps can be NPC'd for a hefty price. Keep the Sand Clumps because they can be vended or used for Eden Item Gathering.
  • Mavka (Lv 85): The loot here is excellent especially with Witherless Rose.
  • Geffenia (Lv 100): There is many good drops here that can be NPC'd while still providing good chances for valuable loot (cards, succubus pet)
  • Illusion of Labyrinth (Lv 170): The illusion ETC drops here are worth a lot of zeny to the NPC and drops quite often since you will be in level range.

Crafting/Quest Items

This section really comes down to your knowledge of the game. Almost every class uses an item in some way and almost every item has a purpose. For example, you will consistently find vendors in Eden Group who sells the items needed for the turn in. You can view that list here.

There is also geneticist potions, guillotine cross poisons, rune knight runes, and pet evolution items which you can look up and vend their loot. There is too many to describe, but Desert Wolf is an excellent example. It drops Desert Wolf Claw which is used for Rune Knights. So you can level here and make zeny as you go.

Crimson Weapons

Crimson weapons are excellent gears to vend at a decent price. Depending on the element and weapon, they can go from 50,000z each to 2,000,000z. They also drop at a decent rate (~0.5%) so it is best to level at a spot that also drops crimson gear.

  • Crimson Mace: Green Petites at level 80.
  • Crimson Katar: Injustices at level 75.
  • Crimson Dagger: Desert Wolf at level 90.

With the recent update to convert Crimson Weapons into guaranteed refine certificates, you can gamble and refine a crimson weapon to +10 then convert it into a +8 ticket utilizing the Lv3 Pick Hammer purchasable Eden Paradise Market for 1,000,000z. If you choose to vend your crimson weapons instead, check out the RO Official Event Calendar to see if a refine event is approaching. You can easily increase the prices to sell the weapons.


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