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Useful NPCs

kRO have a wide variety of quality of life NPCs.

Gunslinger Shop

Archer Shop

Ninja Shop

Mechanic Shop

Syrup Shop

/navi izlude_in 59/113

Tool Dealers in major cities will have will have the Syrup Shop nearby.

IMG Item Currency Amount
빨간 시럽 800z → 608z
노란 시럽 1,200z → 912z
하얀 시럽 1,500z → 1,140z
파란 시럽 7,000z → 5,320z

Character Slot Change

/navi prt_in 211/173

Talk to the NPC to purchase Character Position Change Coupon for 100,000z.

How to use Coupon:

  1. Go to character select screen and right click the character that has the coupon in its inventory and select the move.
  2. Right click another position (either empty or filled with another character) and select the option.
  3. This will either move the character to that slot (if it was empty) or swap the slot (if it had another character).

Gemstone Bagger

/navi prt_in 125/78

Tool Dealers in major cities will have will have the Gemstone Bagger nearby for reduced weight.

Market Shopper Catalogue

There are two places you can buy shopper catalogues.

Eden / Paradise Group

/navi moc_para01 22/16

Talk to NPC at Eden Group spawn point on 1st floor to purchase 1 Window Shopper Catalogue for 200z at a time.


/navi alberta_in 74/38

Talk to NPC in Alberta Merchant Guild buy catalogues:


  • You can buy up to 50 at a time.

Card Remover

/navi malangdo 220/160

Talk to NPC (Richard) and select the correct card slot to remove card from equipment.



There is no penalty for failure.

Type of Card Catalyst Chance
Regular Cards and Sealed Boss Cards 100,000z 2%
Regular Cards and Sealed Boss Cards New Generic Lubricant 10%
Regular Cards and Sealed Boss Cards New Premium Lubricant 20%
Boss Cards Silit Pong 100%

Catalyst Obtainment

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