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Navigation System

There is a lot more you can do with navigation other than searching for monster's levels. With the navigation update some time ago, you can now create your own navigation data in the form of .txt files. It's very simple to make your own to help with quests.

Creation Process

  1. Create a simple text file
  2. Add Navigation data with the following format mapname x/y npcname
  3. Save text file to your C:\Gravity\Ragnarok\NavigationData\ folder.
  4. Open RO's navigation and click the folder icon to load your navigation data.

The coordinates can be gathered from the current navigation system or through Divine-Pride's Quest Database.
An important note is that the npcname can be anything. What you can put there is items required for certain quest NPCs so it can be a self-made quest walkthrough.

Pre-made Navigation Files

Eclage Daily Filo Quest

ecl_fild01 190/93  Filo
ecl_fild01 222/290  Singing Laphine
ecl_fild01 83/263  Watering Laphine
ecl_fild01 163/196  Dancing Laphine
ecl_fild01 237/181  Cute Laphine

Prontera Underground Prison Daily Quest (Level 140)

prt_pri00	51/116	Ellond Lawrence[Entrance]
prt_prison	101/72	Baphomet Flame
prt_prison	55/118	Stormy Knight 20 Sandpaper
prt_prison	267/188	Dracula  20 Red Eye
prt_prison	260/154	Moonlight Cleaning
prt_prison	236/17	Poring  Jellopy
prt_prison	243/259	Drake  Letter
prt_prison	111/188	Mistress  20 Dehumidifier
prt_prison	98/214	Dark Lord  Flower

Phantasmagorika's Daily Quest - Necessities Transport Quest (Level 140)

un_bk_q	279/294	Transport Manager Ernon
un_bk_q	72/53	Logistic Officer Avrandi
un_bk_q	82/323	Mechanical AI
un_bk_q	279/294	Transport Manager Ernon
un_bk_q	97/88	Exit

Scaraba Entry Quest

man_in01	315/52 Guard Captain Avalanche
manuk	321/182	Gate Manager
dicastes01	189/191	Guide
dic_in01	42/264	Receptionist
dicastes01	136/106	Main Entrance
dic_in01	245/119	Shay[Berman Flone Bar]
dicastes01	112/248	Resting Fiom
dicastes01	207/210	Walking Knit
dicastes01	249/140	Training Galton
dicastes01	136/106	Main Entrance
dic_in01	245/119	Shay[Berman Flone Bar]
dic_fild01	231/174	BK


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