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Miscellaneous Tips

Here are some good tips to help you progress in your adventure.

Two Save Points

The Eden Badge teleports you to the Eden group. What is unique about Eden Group is that when you exit, you go back to the map that you last entered Eden Group with the Eden teleport NPC. This means you can effectively have two save points. Take this scenario as an example:

  • Save at Prontera Kafra
  • Go to Rachel via Airship
  • Go to Eden using the Eden Teleport NPC in Rachel.

When you butterfly wing, you will go to Prontera (your save point). However, when you use your Eden Badge, you will teleport to Eden Group. When you leave Eden Group through the portal, you will be taken to Rachel. This will always be the case until you enter Eden Group with a different NPC in another city. This is useful for doing Eden Boards quests that requires monsters from distant regions. The only down side is, the Eden Badge has a 15 minute cooldown so you have to time your badge uses properly and don't be impatient.


Note: Any kind of GRF/LUA modification is bannable per RO Gnjoy Terms of Service.

If you require in-game translation, there are three tools you can use for translation:

Also, be sure to use Papago which is a native Korean online translator for text.

Free Teleport to Lighthalzen

In order to go to Lighthalzen for free:

  1. Enter the Item Mall.
  2. Exit Regenschirm Laboratory to be warp back to Lighthalzen.

Free Healer

/navi prt_cas_q 26/30

Players who completed Episode 16.1 quest can utilize the NPC (Option 3) for free healing.

Arrow Management

Players can send arrow quivers to their characters via the RODex system. This allows a pseudo portable storage to maintain arrow stock.

Alternatively, players can have infinite arrows by using Arrow Crafting .

Both Cursed Eroded Crystal and Cursed Eroded Gemstone have 0 weight and can make 300 Cursed Arrow.

Cursed Arrows are neutral property but have low attack. They can be ideal for Reverberation builds.


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