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Partying Guide

Partying is one of the fastest way of leveling. You should definitely consider joining a party when you can. However, not speaking Korean may seem daunting when trying to join. So long as you are polite, and utilize some basic Korean, you can easily play in one.

Important Notes

  1. Do not speak if you are not comfortable in Korean or otherwised PM'd.
  2. Use OCR to try to understand.
  3. Do not duo-play with a friend (people will think you are leeching yourself or botting).
  4. Pay attention to party window to see who is leader. Sometimes leader will make a mistake and give you party leader and will ask for it back.
  5. Party gets recalled every 3 minutes for buffs and songs.
  6. If you don't get accepted, do not spam invite.
  7. Parties are most active during Korean evenings and weekends.

How to Join

The easiest way is by utilizing the Party Booking Manager (CTRL+Z). If no parties show up, you may need to configure your VPN to use a Korean IP address.

Once you found a party in your level range, double click the row to open a new dialogue box to join. If you get a red message instantly, that means party is full. If there is a delay in a red message, that means the leader has rejected you for possibily performer class or another priest. Also, you can go to the specific partying map and open a chat box “격대기” at the gathering point. Just wait for an invite.

Party Spots

Level Range Map
36~71 Orc Dungeon Fl 1
71~85 Green Petites
85~95 Dark Priest
95~110 Magmarings
110~125 Nameless Fl 2
125~140 Lasagna Fl 2
140~155 Illusion of Underwater Fl 1
155~170 Illusion of Abyss
170~185 Illusion of Labyrinth
185~200 Illusion of Underwater Fl 2
190~205 Abyss Lake 4
200~215 Niflheim Dungeon Fl 1
215~230 Abandoned Lab Amicitia Fl 1
230~245 Abandoned Lab Amicitia Fl 2
240~250 Niflheim Dungeon Fl 2
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