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Useful Quests

This page will detail all the quests that grants useful rewards.

Battle Manual Exchange

/navi prontera 204/53

  1. Talk to the NPC.
  2. Bring 100 Jellopy to the NPC.
  3. Rewarded with 5 Battle Manuals (+50% EXP for 30 minutes).


  • Quest can only be completed once per character.
  • The rewarded battle manuals are character bound, but you can combine them with Bubble Gum through Consumable Converter to make them account bound.
  • Jellopy can be acquired via the Meat Exchange in Umbala.

Part Time Vending Quest

/navi alberta_in 20/19

  1. For Beginner Certificate, talk to NPC and select Option 2 then Option 1.
  2. Acquire a delivery box and NPC will tell you delivery location in blue text.
  3. For an easy quest, try to obtain Prontera (프론테라) as the delivery spot.
  4. Cancel the quest by talking to the NPC and selecting Option 2.
  5. Repeat steps 1 thru 4 until you get Prontera delivery spot
  6. Go to Prontera Refine/Repair house at the center /navi prontera 175/188
  7. Talk to the sheep near the refine NPC to give in the box and you will receive a voucher.
  8. Go back to the NPC in Alberta Merchant Guild and choose your reward:


  • Quest is repeatable once a week.
  • Employment Certificate Envelope are tradable but not the ticket inside when opened.
  • These tickets allow any character to open an offline vend / buy shop.
  • For a video tutorial, click here.
  • You can choose different difficulty quest which rewards for longer duration certificates.


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