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City Investment & Union Gears

kRO has a city unionification system where you gain union tokens to support your city(s) of choice in exchange for gears you can use level other characters!

City Investment Quest

  1. Go to the main room of the Eden Paradise Group
  2. Talk to the NPC near the boards to take your quest


  • Once the quest is acquired, all monsters (outside of instances) has a 20% chance to autoloot a Union Token when killed.
  • This quest is “permanent” until you go back to the Eden NPC to abandon quest.
  • These tokens can be turned in at a city of your choice 250 at a time once per day.
  • When turning in enough times, the blacksmith next to the turn NPC will start to sell you gears.

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  • All cities share the same cooldown so choose your first city carefully.
  • Discount skill does not apply to the Union Gear blacksmith NPC.
  • All party members on screen when a mob dies and has the quest will also has a different chance to get a Union Token
  • You can check the progress of each city you contributed in through achievements.


Wanted Assistance Quest

There is an alternative method of gaining tokens through the Wanted Assistance NPC.

She will grants you with the following tasks:

  • [WANTED]: Once a week, kill a random boss for 100 to 300 Union Token.
  • [A-CLASS DELIVERY]: Once a day delivery assist a city with 30 supplies. Grants 50 Union Certificates.
  • [B-CLASS DELIVERY]: Once a day delivery assist a city with 20 supplies. Grants 30 Union Certificates.
  • [C-CLASS DELIVERY]: Once a day delivery assist a city with 10 supplies. Grants 20 Union Certificates.

Supplies required may included items such as red potions, orange potions, and meat.

These quests have a separate achievement tracker as well.


Union Gears

Each city grants different Union gears you can buy from. All Union gears are account-bound and can be storaged.

Weapons shares the following bonuses:

  • High Base Attack
  • Level 3 Weapon
  • One Card Slot
  • Equippable at level 1
  • Grants bonus attack (or magic attack) for (Refine*Refine*1.25)

Armors, shoes, and garments share the following bonuses:

  • +2% bonus experience
  • One Card Slot
  • Equippable at level 1
  • Equippable by any job
  • All Armors bonuses ends at level 100
  • Grants special effect depending on which city you acquired
    • STR: Grants strength and additional Max HP %
    • INT: Grants intelligence and reduction in SP Cost %
    • AGI: Grants agility and flee
    • DEX: Grants dexterity and Critical rate
  • All special bonuses are further increased by refines (multiples of 2)

There are only two flavored shields (Base 60 Def):

  • Guard: Additional +12 defense per refine
  • Buckler: Additional +2 Max SP % per refine
  • All shields bonuses ends at level 100
  • Both shields are equippable by any job
  • Both shields have one card slot

Below is the cities you can invest in and which gears you can aquire from that city:

City NPC Weapon Shield Armor
Prontera 144/65 One-Handed Sword - STR
Geffen 103/67 Two-Handed Rod - INT
Payon 156/59 Bow - DEX
Morroc 180/94 Katar - AGI
Juno 154/127 Whip, Instrument - DEX
Einbroch 243/179 Revolver, Shuriken - AGI
Lighthalzen 218/111 Two-Handed Axe, Daggers - STR
Rachel 265/126 Bible Buckler INT
Veins 192/118 Mace Guard DEX

For details of each weapon and gears, visit this Divine-Pride link.


  • The first thing the Union Gear seller will sell is the weapons so maybe unlock all weapons from every city first.
  • If you have an alt on the same account, invest in a different city than your main.
  • Recommended to complete one city to get EXP Gears to level alts quicker.


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