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Free Transcending & Tips

kRO offers an alternative quest to take to transcend for free instead of paying 100,000z to the Librarian.

Alternative Quest

Go to the librarian in Yuno and choose the dialogue options as follows:

Now you are required to hunt a “Lost Book” roaming around any field near Yuno (example one south of Yuno).

These books look exactly like ridewords and when you kill one. You will autoloot a Captured Book.

Then bring this item back to the librarian and he will allow you to read the Book of Ymir.

At this point you can continue the typical transcending quest by descending below the library to the heart of Ymir.

Transcending Tips

  • On kRO, you must be below 500 weight and 0 zeny. The zeny part can easily be accomplished by using the Bank system.
  • It is recommended to pick up a level 6 Archer Mercenary from Archer Village so you can get fast and easy levels. Payon Dungeon is an excellent spot to take the mercenary.


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