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A new Reputation system was implemented kRO on December 2nd, 2020. Players can now help monster tribes to acquire reputation. Tasks include item delivery, opponent hunting, and daily quests. Higher reputation status will grant you access to special shops at discounted prices to help in your adventure.

General Notes

reputation1.jpg reputation2.jpg

  • You can open your reputation progress with the new button below your status window.
  • At every 1,000 points, your reputation level will increase by 1.
  • Negative points are displayed as a red bar and you can decrease in reputation level.
  • Reputation Points are character bound. Therefore, it maybe useful to split your focus on two separate characters for conflicting tribes.
  • Every reputation level for the tribe will unlock the specialized shop with new items / discounted prices.
  • You cannot use Merchant's Discount skill on the shops to further reduce prices.
  • Shops acquired by high reputation have unlimited stock unless otherwise noted.

Orc Village

To increase your reputation at Orc Village:

With enough reputation, you can access the shop located: /navi in_orcs01 116/179

Reputation Level Red Herb Yellow Herb White Herb Blue Herb
1 1,000z 2,500z - -
2 800z 2,000z 3,000z -
3 400z 1,000z 2,000z 7,000z

Goblin Village

To increase your reputation at Goblin Village:

With enough reputation, you can access the shop located: /navi gef_fild11 249/246

Reputation Level Maneater Root Maneater Blossom Prickly Fruit Mandragora Flowerpot
1 4,000z 4,000z - -
2 3,000z 3,000z 3,000z -
3 2,000z 2,000z 2,000z 20,000z

Grey Wolf Village

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