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Episode 19: Issgard, Land of Snow Flowers


With the piece of Ymir's Heart seized from Rachel's Temple, Bagot created a chimera that mimics a God. His next destination is not just north Midgard, but rather Issgard, the land of ice across the sea, where Jörmungandr and its followers are sealed. It is a known to have a barrier that prevents traveling between the two realms. Based on the records from the managers at Varmundt's Mansion, the Illusion were using an Airship to cross over. Your adventurer continues into Issgard, chasing after Bagot and preventing the resurrection of Jörmungandr.

Video by 유랑별Wandering star

Main Story Quest

1. /navi wolfvill 223/83 - Talk to Grey Wolf Villager who says Maram was looking for you. Maram appears and Miriam and Suad shortly joins to discuss the next step towards chasing Bagot. They mention that Elly managed to track Bagot steps and found a route to the northern regions thanks to your help. You all decide to go to Varmundt's Mansion to meet with Elly. However, Suad cannot join as he has to coordinate a parliament meeting with Niren for peace between Grey Wolf Village and Rachel.

2. /navi ba_in01 384/114 - Talk to Elly who explains her data collection when tracking Bagot. She says that he went to the northern regions and mentioned the legendary Jörmungandr. The only northern continent associated with Jörmungandr is Issgard. She also explains that the Illusion stole records from the aircraft that has sailed to Issgard. Elly is working on getting an Airship to navigate to Issgard but the technician, Ginger, reports that there is a wall around Issgard of high energy flow which blocks entry. Crux advises to seek help from royal family. The Gaebolg family would have information on Jörmungandr.

3. /navi ba_in01 386/110 - Talk to Crux to head back to Prontera Castle with Lazy while Elly and Ginger will address the airship.

4. /navi prt_cas 320/270 - Talk to Crux and Nyhill. Nyhill recaps that Gaebolg family were cursed by Jörmungandr. When the Jörmungandr Church vanished from Midgard, not everyone died and disappeared. Instead, the former followers were trapped in a land of ice beyond the sea and the land was sealed by an unknown force where guardians protected the seal. Nyhill mentions that some members of the Gaebolg family once traveled to and from Issgard. The queen, Catherine D. Gaebolg, arrives to give further explanation. She mentions that Tristan III has three sisters, two of which resides in Issgard who were entrusted to find a way to break the curse of Jörmungandr. Nyhill mentions that permission is required to enter Issgard and asks you for your reason to enter. You tell Nyhill the story of Illusion and Nyhill agrees with your agenda to stop it. He tells that he can write a special invitation letter.

5. /navi prt_cas 331/343 - Talk to Nyhill at his desk. Nyhill explains that the ordinary-looking book on his desk is a Guardian's Box. Opening the cover reveals a void in the book which blesses any letter inside of it by the Guardians. Only direct descendants of the seven royal families can use it. The box was left by the First Tristan Gaebolg. Nyhill writes and gives you and your friends a Guardian's Invitation. You are then teleported back to Varmundt's Mansion.

6. /navi ba_maison 186/251 - You meet up with the rest of the team. Ginger says the airship is ready for travel to Issgard.

7. /navi ba_in01 30/264 - Talk to Ginger to board the airship.

8. /navi air_if 46/71 - Talk to Ginger on the airship and give her your invitation. Ginger examines the letter and detects a specific wavelength code emitting from the invitation.

9. /navi air_if 32/63 - Talk to Lehar and your friends. Lehar introduces himself as a member of the St. Capitolina Abbey. His mother was the sister of the previous king and the youngest princess of Gaebolg. She was concerned about the curse of their family and entrusted him to be raised at the monastery. However, the curse manifested to the direct son of the previous king. The son was determined to break the curse of the family himself and went to Issgard himself. Lehar describes Issgard as a land of only snow, ice, and glaciers. However, there is a castle made of ice, yet it stays warm inside with some kind of magical power. Lazy asks if there is any to worry about since Illusion must've made contact for about 4 months. Lehar only recalls the number of Rgans dramatically increases. Ginger interrupts to announce that the airship will be landing soon and to brace for unexpected shocks.

10. /navi air_if 46/71 - Talk to Ginger to leave the airship into Issgard.

11. /navi jor_tail 221/53 - Talk to Lehar who states that we are close to Ice Castle and should head there.

12. /navi icas_in 141/216 - Talk to Lehar in the Ice Castle who introduces Leon Petit and Aurelie Petit. The Petit family have been taking on the role of overseeing the Ice Castle and protecting it. You explain the situation of Illusion and Bagot. Aurelie states that there is a high possibility that the Illusion had interfered with Rgans. Lehar's aunts, Voglinde Gaebolg and Vellgunde Gaebolg, appears and introduces themselves. Voglinde and Vellgunde both are here to study about Jörmungandr and Rgan's magic in attempt to break the curse upon their family. They both go back to their research in one of the Iwin's huts.

13. /navi icas_in 138/220 - Talk to Leon who explains more about Issgard. The land itself is made by the frozen body of Jörmungandr. The Rgans were the main followers of Jörmungandr and are bound here. You ask about the barrier. Leon states that the barrier does not seal Jörmungandr, but rather keeps the Rgans from leaving. Lazy asks about the giant birds around the castle. Aurelie explains that Iwins were originally migratory birds that moved to and from Oreum Mountains. However, once the barrier was placed, the Iwin race was stranded in Issgard. Since then, the Iwins helped guard the Ice Castle and monitor the barrier. Leon would like you to meet with Iwins since they haven't met an outsider since Varmundt. Aurelie decides to give you some Snow Flower Petal stating that it is the main currency in this region. A magical power crystallized into a flower like shape. Rewarded with 40 Snow Flower Petal and 50 Ice Castle Reputation. Unlocked: Iwin Patrol Instance and Purification Saint Side Quest.

14. /navi icecastle 23/115 - Talk to Marshall Gigi Happy Rev Eve Alice Llyod Broad-Minded Tess Vortex, Captain of the Iwin Patrol, and perform a Iwin Patrol with the Iwins. In the first completion of the instance, you will find a young man who needs help escaping the area. You tell this man that he looks very similar to Morning. The man does not know who Morning. You mention that you found Morning in Rudus. The man tells you that Rudus is a place of discarded specimens and says that Morning is an earlier model of himself. He is a newer and improved test specimen created by the scientists of Illusion. You help Lunch cross Frozen Scale Hills into the Plains where it will be safer. Continue finishing the Iwin Patrol. Rewarded with 2 Snow Flower Petal and 5 Ice Castle Reputation.

15. /navi jor_back2 250/30 - Talk to man you found in the Iwin Patrol. He introduces himself as HU-210426 which is the barcode engraved on his head. You say that it is difficult name to remember. You suggest the name “Lunch” since it is similar to Morning. The man agrees to be called Lunch. You ask Lunch on how did he get here? Lunch says that he only recalls the experimentation done in a “Large Mansion” but all of the sudden the scientist were preparing to leave. The scientist threw away many specimens, but Lunch managed to join the scientist in the Airship. However, the scientist lost interest in Lunch and decided to experiment with the Rgan race. In the meantime, Lunch wanted the attention of the scientist again so he transformed himself into an Rgan. You question on how does one transform like that. Lunch explains that one of his abilities is to transform into another being. You ask if he can transform you as well. Lunch states that he can help and to come back if you need more. Rewarded with 1 Rgan Transformation Scroll and 2 Snow Flower Petal.

16. /navi icecastle 27/126 - Talk to the Iwin who introduce himself as Horr. He says he will accompany you to the Ice Castle.

17. /navi icas_in 34/189 - Talk to Aurelie with the team who states that the activity around Issgard is increasingly suspicious. It could be a sign of Jörmungandr reviving in connection with Illusion. Leon says the Jörmungandr Church must be stopped. Miriam advises that not only the seal should be protected, but also to recover the heart of Ymir from Illusion. Voglinde says it will be difficult entering the Rgan nest. You show your Rgan Transformation Scroll and explained where you got it. The team concludes that the transformation scroll is the key into infiltrating the Rgan race.

18. /navi jor_back3 99/318 - Use a Rgan Transformation Scroll and talk to the team who are also all disguised as Rgan. Horr mentions that there is a problem with Lazy's transformation and that he looks more like a human still. Lazy mentions that you also look more human compared to rest of the team. You deduce that it has to be transformation scroll harmonizing with the magical powers from certain people. Horr and Miriam says that you and Lazy should pretend to be newborn Rgans while you venture into the nest. Rewarded with 25 Snow Flower Petal and 30 Ice Castle Reputation.

19. /navi jor_dun02 263/170 - Talk to Miriam near the eggs. Horr mentions to be careful and to truly act like a newborn by not mentioning any outside knowledge. An Rgan Priest appears and frantically yells at Horr and Miriam asking them why is there a bishop here. Horr tells the priest that you and Lazy are newborns and that they were watching the eggs. The Rgan Priest asks to follow him into the nest. Rewarded with 25 Snow Flower Petal and 30 Ice Castle Reputation.

20. /navi jor_nest 185/49 - Talk to Rgan Priest who announces to the rest of the nest that a Bishop was born. It is a miracle and a sign of Jörmungandr resurrection. More Rgan appears to praise Lazy and blesses him. A Bishop Rgan appears and explains that you and Lazy should receive a blessing baptism.

21. /navi jor_nest 196/202 - Talk to Bishop Rgan who tells you and Lazy that this particular area is the egg hatchery. It is the usual place of where priests and other bishops are born. He says that the unusual “birth spot” that you and Lazy “hatched” from must be a blessing from Jörmungandr. Lazy asks about all the weird devices near the eggs. The Bishop says that they are machines installed by humans to inject more magical energy into the eggs. You ask what humans but Bishop Rgan says he doesn't know other than they are from beyond the barrier.

22. /navi jor_nest 115/187 - Talk to Bishop Rgan who explains that the area nearby is where the humans resides and asks you to avoid the area as there are many strange devices made by dirty humans. Instead, Bishop Rgan asks you to follow him to meet Rasgand.

23. /navi jor_nest 53/244 - Talk to Bishop Rgan who introduces you Sarekhgand. Sarekhgand looks at you and Lazy and announces that Rasgand will be delighted with the news. Bishop Rgan sees that the human is approaching and wants to show you to him. Bagot appears and you are surprised. Sarekhgand explains to Bagot about how you were born. Bagot is impressed about the situation and wants to go back to his experiments. However, Sarekhgand does not want Bagot to perform any experiments with this miracle case. Sarekhgand wants you to get a health checkup from Juneau.

24. /navi jor_nest 22/141 - Talk to Juncea who is annoyed by your presence without prior notice. You tell her that you are here for a health checkup but pretend that you do not know what a health checkup is. Juncea is shocked that you are a senior Rgan while the hatchery showed no signs. She proceeds in performing a health checkup during which you ask questions. You ask what is this area but she dodges the question. You tell Juncea that you are afraid of humans. She tells you to hold still while conducting the tests. You ask how did she come here and she explains how an airship work. You tell her that you met another human recently. Juncea says that the other human is Bagot who joined recently. You ask if she and Bagot are friends, but Juncea says she shared a lab together but their fields are different and not interested. She accidentally stabbed too deeply and asks for a break.

25. /navi jor_nest 22/141 - Talk to Juncea to continue the checkup. You ask about her research and if you will be experimented on. She says no due to making a promise with the Rgan race not to perform on higher Rgans as test subjects. But she comes up with an idea of examining the eggshells from which you hatched from and asks you for the pieces.

26. /navi jor_dun02 263/170 - Talk to Miriam and explain that you need eggshells. Miriam recalls that these eggs are low-level hatchery and that we must find the higher grade eggs in the nest.

27. /navi jor_nest 23/58 - Talk to Bishop Rgan at the higher egg hatchery. You ask that you need a piece of your eggshell but the Bishop knows that you did not hatch from here. A noise occurred close by from Horr accidentally breaking an egg. The Rgan finds Horr and asks for the names of these two suspicious Rgans. Horr introduces himself as Horrgand and Lehar introduces himself as Leharchangand. The Bishop Rgan asks Leharchangand to educate Horrgand on practice and takes him away. You managed to find an opportunity to collect 1 Greater Rgan's Eggshell.

28. /navi jor_nest 22/141 - Bring the eggshell back to Juncea. She inspects it and is puzzled by the lack of high magical energy. You tell her that you don't understand. She explains that Rgans are born with magical energy equal to the mount they absorbed in the egg state. If an egg absorbs enough energy, a Bishop or a Priest will be born. You ask Juncea on how she knows so much. She states that her area of expertise is that of magical energy and magical tools. She says that humans cannot do this. She is simply here is to perform magical energy injection and to send an airship beyond the barrier at the other human's request. Lazy and Bagot appears.

29. /navi jor_nest 26/142 - Talk to Bagot who discusses with Juncea about her results. Bagot wants to know about the data regarding you being born in a lower-level hatchery. Juncea says to Bagot that she is still researching and has nothing to report. Displeased, Bagot demands for the data now. Juncea insists that there is no data yet. Bagot announces that he has made changes to priorities of work and says that his research is now top priority. Juncea is shocked saying that her work began first. Sarekhgand joins to say that Rasgand agrees with the new order of priorities. Bagot again demands the data to be delivered to him and leaves.

30. /navi jor_nest 22/141 - Talk to Juncea who is extremely furious. She rages at you and Lazy regarding Bagot's new orders. You ask about her study versus Bagot's but Juncea replies that it must be something that pleased Rasgand. She suspect that is must be relating to Ymir's heart and finding a way to use it for the eggs in attempt to revive Jörmungandr. Juncea finishes up her tests and asks you to go do some work at the nest.

31. /navi jor_nest 87/164 - Meet up with Lazy to exchange your findings. You tell Lazy that you did not uncover much other than the location of the Airship the Illusion uses but you should further investigate than meet back at the Ice Castle. You will go with Lehar to find the airship and try to find Horr who was taken away for accidentally breaking the egg.

32. /navi jor_nest 24/252 - Talk to Lazy near the airship dock location. Lazy asks if this is the site, but you say there are too many guards to further investigate with only two people. You rather find the rest of the team and develop a new plan.

33. /navi jor_dun02 153/239 - Talk to the Guard Rgan. He stops you and Lazy by saying this is not a place for noble people like yourselves. You respond by saying that you a a newborn looking to study how people work. The Guard Rgan allows it and lets you pass.

34. /navi jor_dun02 150/269 - Talk to Rgans working at the lower grade hatchery. You discover that they are Miriam, Lehar and Horr. Miriam said that she saw many humans coming in and working with the lesser Rgans stating that they may have been abducted to here via the Airship. The humans were handcuffed and working here. Lehar suspects that they may be used as test subjects similar to Lunch. You all decide to head back to the Ice Castle to report your findings.

35. /navi icas_in 34/189 - Talk to Aurelie and your team recaps the situation. Lehar explains the Rgans and their ranks. Even the lowest rank Rgans are stronger than ordinary humans thanks to the magical energy they possess. Lehar also shares that the leader of the Rgans is Rasgand, the final survivor from the past battle of Jörmungandr. He has a large following and is in absolute control of the Rgans. Leon suggest that Rasgand should be the priority target to stop the situation. Lehar agrees and says that we are lucky to have Lazy able to transform into Bishop Rgan with the transformation scroll. Leon asks how can Illusion, outsiders, able to contact Rasgand so easily. Lazy suggests that there may be a symbiotic relationship between the two groups and Rasgand desires the research. Aurelie is concerned about the number of Illusions, but you said you only seen Bagot, Juncea and the Heart Hunters. Miriam asks about the Ymir's Heart and where it can be. Lazy suggests that Bagot must have it since Rasgand prioritized his research. The new plan is to go back to the nest and explore more vulnerabilities, destroy the airship, and rescue any captured humans. Rewarded with 50 Snow Flower Petal and 60 Ice Castle Reputation. Unlocked Airship Destruction Instance.

36. /navi jor_nest 127/207 - As transformed Rgan, meet with Lazy at the nest. He tells to explore Juncea's Lab, Bagot's Lab, and the Rgan Guard areas.

37. /navi jor_nest 21/195 - Pick up the research documents from Juncea's Lab. You read some notes about a method being used on an already born object. It can be reborn as a better individual. A guard spots you and asks what are you doing here. You pretend to be the newborn exploring and you did not know the restrictions of the area. The guard introduces himself as Yugrungand, in charge of monitoring humans since they cannot be trusted. He mentions that only scientist uses this place, but it seems Juncea thinks that Bagot stole her place. You pretend to be puzzled and thank the guard for the explanation.

38. /navi jor_nest 66/260 - Walk to the door to enter Bagot's Lab.

39. /navi jor_dun03 74/71 - Pick up the research documents. You briefly skim through it and read the sames notes about a method on already born objects to make them stronger. You feel a strong presence from the surrounding lab specimens equivalent to that of Twisted God Freyja.

40. /navi jor_dun03 49/80 - Pick up the top secret document. You read information about mutations occurring on a cellular level based on the experiment in Rachel. There are hypotheses listed about correcting the problem by magic energy injection, but there is no need for returning a specimen back it's original form.

41. /navi jor_nest 181/173 - Talk to the pile of research documents near the Rgan Guards. You sift through the documents and pick up a Record Book. The book describes a large amount of energy flowing into Bagot's lab.

42. /navi jor_nest 19/142 - Talk to the research documents near Juncea's work area. It describes events of artificially boosting Rgan levels before they hatch from the eggs.

43. /navi jor_nest 173/177 - Overhear a conversation by the Rgan Guard and Rgan Guard Captain. They talk about Bagot visiting Rasgand a lot but the Captain doesn't really trust him. The Guard asks the Captain on what to do. The Captain says to stay alert while he reallocates his people.

44. /navi jor_nest 127/207 - Report back to Lazy on your findings. You state that Juncea seem to be ignored now compared to Bagot. However, Bagot's experiments are more dangerous especially finding out the specimens in his lab are similar to the Twisted God Freyja. The two Illusions working together can be a big problem. Lazy mentions that Juncea and Bagot underwent a quarrel so it may be beneficial to further separate them. He says for you to talk with Juncea since she likes adventurers like yourself while he will go to Bagot.

45. /navi jor_nest 31/140 - Talk to Juncea. You notice that she is hooked up to her machines. You ask her why is she experimenting on herself. She is frustrated that she has no test subjects so she going to do whatever it takes to further her research. You offer Juncea to perform a secret experiment on yourself. She is flattered but rejects it. She states that correct results rely on documentation and she cannot hide her experiments. She doesn't want to be bother anymore as she doesn't have the energy to talk with you. You read the monitors indicating low blood sugar and ask what this means. Juncea explains it simply as wanting to eat something sweet. She tells you that she will continue answering your questions if you can bring her something sweet.

46. /navi icas_in 245/197 - Talk to Iwin who is eating an Ice Candy. You ask if you can have one and he gives you 1 Ice Cookie.

47. /navi jor_nest 31/140 - Go back to Juncea and give her the Ice Cookie. She asks how you got this and you faked a story about saving a big bird. Juncea is impressed with your efforts and starts to appreciate you more. You ask why isn't Juncea going to Rasgand for help, but she responds that funds are slowly dwindling for her projects. You try to ask more questions but she is busy unless you can bring back another Ice Cookie or 10 Rgan's Low-Grade Magic Core.

48. /navi jor_nest 31/140 - Talk to Juncea and give her either Ice Cookie (Option 1) or 10 Rgan's Low-Grade Magic Core (Option 2). She begins to vent to you about not being able to progress her research. You ask if the eggshell you brought to her earlier was enough, but she says she needs living Rgans to prove her theory about injecting magical energy into an already born Rgan. You tell her that you want to be stronger and offer again to experiment on yourself. You try to ask more questions but she is busy unless you can bring back another Ice Cookie or 10 Rgan's Low-Grade Magic Core.

49. /navi jor_nest 31/140 - Talk to Juncea and give her either Ice Cookie (Option 1) or 10 Rgan's Low-Grade Magic Core (Option 2). She is grateful in the repeated effort, but she really needs to produce results. She explains that data is scarce and seems to be no hope for progression.

50. /navi jor_nest 31/140 - Talk to Juncea. You start to trust her and decide to give her the Record Book pretending like you found this accidentally while playing with other Rgans and noticed it was human text. She reads through the documents and becomes outraged. She noticed how many specimens Bagot had while she had none. She complains so loud that Bagot appears and investigates you and Juncea by asking what is this noise about. He asks who you are and you continue to pretend your role as a newborn Priest Rgan. Juncea interrupts asking Bagot to speak to him. Bagot asks for the Rgans to leave then to speak privately. You reluctantly decide to leave and head back to Ice Castle to prevent any suspicion by staying.

51. /navi icas_in 245/197 - Talk to Lazy and the team to exchange your findings. You mention to Lazy that you became closer to Juncea by exposing how much support Rgans gave to Bagot compared to her. However, you want to resolve this faster.

52. /navi icas_in 249/199 - Talk to Miriam who agrees on taking action in a timely fashion. She says to restock on Rgan Transformation scrolls and head back to the nest to uncover more.

53. /navi jor_nest 19/190 - Talk to the box at Juncea's work area. You noticed that Juncea is no longer here, but you found a suspicious bubbling liquid experiment. You want to examine it further but you will need something to contain it.

54. /navi jor_nest 20/194 - Grab a Juncea's Test Tube off from the table.

55. /navi jor_nest 19/190 - Collect the suspicious liquid into the test tube to get Red Liquid Test Tube and an Rgan appears.

56. /navi jor_nest 24/185 - Talk to the Rgan. He says that Juncea is looking for you in Bagot's lab and that you should meet her there. You are puzzled on how Juncea knows you would be here.

57. /navi jor_nest 66/260 - Go towards Bagot's Lab to find Juncea.

58. /navi jor_dun03 57/63 - Talk to Juncea who says she wanted to talk to alone. An instance will be created that is forced solo and you cannot bring any party members.

59. Talk to Juncea inside the instance. She questions the friendship and suspects you been gossiping to Bagot about her behind her back. You notice something is strange about her, maybe something to do with Bagot. You try to comfort her, but its already too late. She is undergoes a transformation into a greater being.

60. Subdue transformed Juncea. You are wondering if Bagot made her go crazy. You decide to bring Juncea back to Ice Castle. Exit the instance.

61. /navi icecastle 27/126 - Talk to Horr. He questions why you brought an Rgan back to Ice Castle. You ask for a resting place and you will explain the situation later.

62. /navi icas_in 247/116 - Talk to Horr and the rest of the team in the inn who asks you what is going on about this Rgan. You explain that this is Juncea and you had to take her out of the nest safely. They are astonished by her form and wings. You reply that is may have to do with Bagot's experiment similar to Twisted God Freyja. You team wants to wake Juncea up but there is no response. You show the tube of liquid to the team but none of you can figure out what is it. Lehar says his aunt Vellgunde, the scientist, may be able to decipher it and create an antidote to return Juncea back to normal. While Lehar gets his aunt, Horr brings up a concern about using the Rgan transformation scroll. At this point of time, the Rgans are very familiar to your transformed selves and are now skeptical especially for Lazy and yourself since there are very few Priests and Bishops. Vellgunde arrives and examines the liquid but requires 20 Rgan's Low-Grade Magic Core.

63. /navi icas_in 244/117 - Bring back the materials to Vellgunde. She combines it with the liquid and injects Juncea with it. Juncea slowly wakes up and notices her transformed self. She screams that Bagot used her for an experiment. She questions where she is and your team explained what happened. Lazy and you told her that you are not higher Rgan beings, but just humans. Juncea accuses you for deceiving her and trying to get rid of her, but you say that is not the case. The team says she would've died if it wasn't for you escaping the nest and bringing her back. Lazy explains the situation of Illusion trying to control the Three Kingdoms of Midgard Continent and that you are here to stop them by infiltrating the nest. She questions how humans can so easily transform into Rgans. Vellgunde offers to exchange knowledge if Juncea cooperates. Rewarded with 25 Snow Flower Petal.

64. /navi icas_in 243/120 - Talk to Juncea who accepted the offer. You ask about Jörmungandr Church power. Juncea explains that the Rgans are hatched from absorbing the left over magical energy surrounding it. But the source is slowly depleting so the future prospects of Rgans are grim. There is a finite amount of time left for the Rgans. Vellgunde suspects this is the reason why Rasgand must be desperate to reach out to Midgard Continent and collaborated with the Illusion. Juncea elaborates further stating that Rasgand is very powerful, being the last survivor. Most of the higher Rgans are born from his blood. She wanted to study Rasgand but wasn't even allowed to see him. Vellgunde says that Rasgand was the one who cursed the royal family and asks Juncea what was Rasgand's goals. Juncea says that she was there to study Jörmungandr's body and its magical energy flowing even years after his death, but has lost the opportunity. Lazy asks what did Bagot offer Rasgand. She comes to the conclusion that it may be the resurrection of Jörmungandr with the remaining body and Heart of Ymir, possibly even try to reproduce it in its entirety. Your team realized the similar circumstance at Rachel. However, Miriam asks if the resurrection is for Rasgand, what will Bagot gain from this experiment? Juncea replies that Bagot's drive is solely for science and his research. Vellgunde is extremely worried about the possibility for a resurrection. The entire continent will fall into a great crisis if it happens. The team decides to act quickly and ask Juncea more about the Rgan Nest and the location of the Jörmungandr's body. She says that she only knows one entrance near the lower level Rgan region. Aurelie appears to give her report.

65. /navi icas_in 249/113 - Talk to Aurelie who says that the movement of the Rgans were unusual recently. Those scouting on the Frozen Scale Glaciers were rushing back to the nest. Lazy and Horr agrees that we have to act quickly to find out and stop it.

66. /navi jor_dun01 8/238 - Use a transformation scroll to enter the special Rgan nest area.

67. /navi jor_que 271/88 - Meet up with transformed Horr and team. An Iwin Soldier arrives and reveals that majority of the high level Rgans moved to a different area leaving only the intermediate and lower level Rgans in the vicinity. He brought back a few humans he found that were trying to escape. Horr asks the others to escort the refugees out to safety while Lazy suggests to split up and continue searching for more. Rewarded with 25 Snow Flower Petal and 25 Ice Castle Reputation.

68. /navi jor_que 144/253 - Talk to Miriam who also found more human slaves who are scared of you. Lehar explains to them that you are also humans disguised as Rgans. There is no time for questions now and you guide them out of the nest. Lazy goes off to find Rasgand while you continuing searching.

69. /navi jor_que 131/148 - Talk to Horr who is trying to interrogate other low level Rgans for information, but they won't talk to him and continue to work at the hatchery. You show up and the other Rgans greets you kindly since you are a Priest. You start asking where the other Bishop and Priest Rgans went. They disclose only that the Lord requested all advanced Rgans to gather. You ask if this is Rasgand's order and where is the gathering spot. They point you to the area above and say to hurry. You decide to check it out while the others try to find more human slaves.

70. /navi jor_que 32/37 - Talk to Lehar and the team who found the entrance to the gathering. However, it is blockaded. Aurelie asks if this is where Bagot and Rasgand could be and Lehar suspects so. Lazy found out that this area is indeed where Rasgand, Bagot, and the other higher rank Rgans went, but also where Illusions performed experiments. Horr wants to enter the area and commands his soldiers to tear down small entry way so that you may enter. The area is an instance (Party Members allowed).

71. /navi 1@jorchs 261/34 - Meet with Voglinde, Aurelie, Leon, Miriam and few Iwin Soldiers. The goal now is find Rasgand and Bagot and secure the heart of Ymir. There are many powerful mutated Rgans around the area. Iwin warns that these Rgans are different than the ones outside. All roaming enemies must be defeated in order to progress.

72. /navi 1@jorchs 249/79 - Defeat the special Rgan guarding the area.

73. /navi 1@jorchs 114/20 - Defeat the special Rgan guarding the area.

74. /navi 1@jorchs 142/58 - After defeating all remaining enemies, meet with the team again. The Iwins are surprised by the new mutated Rgans. Miriam suspects that the Illusion must already have performed experiments on them .

75. /navi 1@jorchs 23/57 - Defeat the special Rgan guarding the area.

76. /navi 1@jorchs 21/97 - Defeat the special Rgan guarding the area.

77. /navi 1@jorchs 112/119 - After defeating all remaining enemies, talk to the Iwin soldiers who notices a line of Rgans blocking the area ahead. They try to pierce through the lines but they are too powerful. Heart Hunters AT appears who are surprised that you and your team managed to chase them all the way to Issgard. They command the mutated Rgans to attack. Defeat all the enemies and continue further in the area.

78. /navi 1@jorchs 249/170 - Meet with Voglinde and Miriam who is also trying to get through another defense of Mutated Rgans. You tell them that they are being controlled by the Heart Hunters. More Heart Hunters AT appears and say it is pointless to stop the Rgan mutations. As long as magical energy flows through their special injection machines, so will more Rgans be mutated. Defeat all the enemies and search for a way to deactivate the mutation device.

79. /navi 1@jorchs 219/148 - Deactivate the device and Heart Hunter ATs will appear and try to stop you. Defeat them.

80. /navi 1@jorchs 191/203 - Deactivate the device.

81. /navi 1@jorchs 226/244 - Deactivate the device and defeat the all remaining roaming enemies.

82. /navi 1@jorchs 151/179 - Meet with Aurelie and Leon who captured two Heart Hunters who restarted the machines. Aurelie asks you to go turn off the machine again.

83. /navi 1@jorchs 191/203 - Deactivate again the device.

84. /navi 1@jorchs 151/179 - Go back to Aurelie and Leon who starts interrogating the Heart Hunters. They ask where is the entrance and if there is more than one. The Heart Hunters pleaded saying that they only know 1 entrance straight ahead. The Heart Hunters break free and commands their attack. Defeat all enemies and continue further.

85. /navi 1@jorchs 24/142 - Go to the lab area and search for the research data, but you did not find anything. Enemies will appear. Defeat them all.

86. /navi 1@jorchs 20/195 - Go to the next lab area. You find some excerpts referring to Ymir's Heart but nothing else useful. More Heart Hunters appear. Defeat them.

87. /navi 1@jorchs 39/251 - Meet up at the final defense line of the Heart Hunter and Rgans. Bagot appears and is unconcerned with your efforts. He discloses that he is the one that provoked Juncea to the extreme. He is irritated that pests like you keep showing up into the world he is trying to create. Bagot notes that Rasgand is very angry at humans for deceiving him. He injects magical energy into the surrounding Rgans to make them more powerful and heads into the Jörmungandr Church. Defeat all the enemies.

88. /navi 1@jorchs 38/272 - Head to the entrance of Jörmungandr Church and meet your team who are glad that you are okay. The door is locked and you suspect it is where Bagot and the Illusion are. The Iwin soldiers couldn't open the door. Voglinde tries to use the key she acquired from the Heart Hunters but that didn't work. Aurelie tries to use her magic to open the door but that didn't work either. Voglinde says we should just setup surveillance around the nest area and leave. Aurelie agrees since it may be the only exit for them anyways. Sooner rather than later, the door will have to be opened. You and your team decide to leave.

89. /navi icas_in 34/189 - Talk to Aurelie and the team at Ice Castle. They are all discouraged that we returned empty-handed. Leon suggests that a new entrance to Jörmungandr Church could be made and that we should be on the search for when that happens. Horr will allocate Iwin Soldiers on watch duty. Leon says that in order eventually to escape to the Midgard continent, an airship will have to be used which is very noticeable. Vellgunde appears with Juncea saying that she can help. Juncea agrees to fully cooperate since she promised. She said that Bagot took all of the research materials from her lab so there is little there to gain. She questions Bagot's ability. Lazy explains to her that he is very capable based on previous encounters. Leon wonders why the fight at the end was too easy. Aurelie suspects that Bagot held back his ability to save strength for the resurrection of Jörmungandr. The other Heart Hunters and mutated Rgans were simply a distraction to gain time to seal the door. Juncea is worried regarding her research data about magical energy injection on higher Rgans. The team settles down and agrees to just keep monitoring the situation for any possible news of the door opening and barrier breaching. Rewarded with 50 Snow Flower Petal and 50 Ice Castle Reputation.

Side Quests

Surveillance for an Underground Hideout

  1. /navi icas_in 32/184 - Talk to Horr who requests your help for tracking the Rgans making a new entrance to the Snake's Nest. He asks you to meet outside of the castle to discuss plans.
  2. /navi icecastle 27/126 - Talk to Horr, Juncea, and Lazy who are discussing options for surveillance. Lazy says its impractical for having Iwins spread across the area for watch duty 24 hours a day. There is simply not enough manpower and it is too cold. Juncea introduces a device she created for Rgan research. It detects unique magic energy emanated from Rgans and sends a signal back to the lab. Horr asks if this can be used for monitoring the activity of Rgans. Juncea says it can but there is a downside: the battery only lasts for about a day and will need to be replaced. It is much better than having a personnel on watch duty. She hands you the devices which look likes a clam which creatures will most likely ignore it. Lazy names the device “Super Strong Antennae”. Horr asks you to bury the 10 Super Strong Antennae across Frozen Scale Plains (jor_back2) and Frozen Scale Glaciers (jor_back3).
  3. Bury the 5 Super Strong Antennae marked on your minimap in jor_back2. Each hiding spot has a chance to fail and may require to repeatedly attempt to bury the device.
    • /navi jor_back2 308/99
    • /navi jor_back2 222/123
    • /navi jor_back2 279/307
    • /navi jor_back2 113/235
    • /navi jor_back2 49/175
  4. Bury the 5 Super Strong Antennae marked on your minimap in jor_back3.
    • /navi jor_back3 328/277
    • /navi jor_back3 264/133
    • /navi jor_back3 128/138
    • /navi jor_back3 46/324
    • /navi jor_back3 152/359
  5. /navi icecastle 27/126 - Return to Horr who thanks you for your efforts.

Rewarded with 2 Snow Flower Petal, 5 Ice Castle Reputation, and associated daily quest unlocked.

Purification Saint

  1. /navi icas_in 162/224 - Meet with Voglinde in the Ice Castle. She asks if you have seen Lehar because she has a task for him. Instead of waiting, she asks you to help her out. You accept the request and Voglinde gives you 1 Chocolate Pie to eat because you look hungry. She asks if you seen a Cardinal with long hair and a wacky bag. The Cardinal was suppose to arrive in Issgard with Lehar. Voglinde asks you to find the other people who rode the airship and inquire if they have seen a Cardinal in a blue suit with long hair and a veil from Prontera.
  2. /navi icas_in 130/201 - You ask Maram if he has seen any Cardinal on the airship. He does not remember anyone as you described and suggests you to speak with Lehar.
  3. /navi icas_in 136/197 - Talk to Lehar and ask about the Cardinal from Prontera. Lehar says he saw her with Maram on the airship. Maram denies any such person with him. Miriam arrives and Lehar immediately says she is the Cardinal. Maram corrects Lehar and introduces Miriam from Rachel, not Prontera. In a panic, Lehar realizes his mistake and needs to inform Voglinde.
  4. /navi icas_in 162/224 - You and Lehar meet with Voglinde and Lehar explains the situation. Voglinde is outraged and bashes Lehar for forgetting the Cardinal from Prontera. She immediately requests you to secretly go back to Midgard and find the Cardinal. She will asks Hellock to take you back to Aldebaran.
  5. /navi jor_tail 211/63 - Talk to Hellock. He says he can take you back to Midgard. You question how he will do that because there is no Airship around. Hellock says he can use his “Sled” to take you to Aldebaran.
  6. /navi aldebaran 102/103 - After arriving in Aldebaran, talk to Hellock who tells you to go to Prontera. He cannot join you due to various agreements with the others.
  7. /navi prontera 254/309 - Talk to Ellis, the Acolyte Officer. You tell her you are not here to become an acolyte, but instead for Voglinde's errand. Ellis tells you she may be at the dormitory in Prontera Castle.
  8. /navi prt_cas 20/32 - You find only a bag in the dormitory. A Cardinal arrives and asks Ellis which coat is cuter: the white or the pink. Ellis is confused. She asks the Cardinal why is she still here and not with Lehar at Varmundt's Mansion. She responds saying there was no one there so she roamed a bit around in Varmundt until giving up and coming back home. You tell the Cardinal that you are here to pick her up to go to Issgard.
  9. /navi prt_cas 18/32 - Talk to the Cardinal who introduces herself as Friederike. She asks you if it is cold in Issgard and you say it is. She is worried what coat to bring and the matching shoes. Ellis notices that Friederike packed so many bags filled to the maximum. She asks her to take only what is needed. You decide to help her lighten her bags.
  10. /navi prt_cas 15/31 - Check the first bag. You find many winter coats. Ellis agrees winter coats are necessary and to take a few.
  11. /navi prt_cas 16/27 - Check the next bag. Again, you find many winter coats. Ellis says that is way too many coats and to take only the previous bag. Friederike pouts.
  12. /navi prt_cas 26/27 - Check the next bag. You find a teddy bear. Friederike begs to keep it as she cannot sleep without Angelica. Ellis agrees to keep one doll.
  13. /navi prt_cas 23/36 - Check the next bag. You find sweets and candy.
  14. /navi prt_cas 22/30 - Check the final bag. You find a life size doll of Varmundt. Friederike says it was a present from Alpha from the mansion. Ellis says this bag will stay here until you come back from Issgard.
  15. /navi prt_cas 21/31 - Speak to Ellis. She says even though the bags were reduced, there are still too many. She asks Dew and Maggi to accompany you with the bags.
  16. /navi aldebaran 102/103 - Meet back with Hellock who takes you all to Issgard.
  17. /navi icecastle 23/123 - Escort Friederike to Ice Castle. Lehar greets and apologizes for leaving her at Varmundt's Mansion. He takes you to her room.
  18. /navi icas_in 32/123 - Enter the inn room where Friederike will be staying. Voglinde is waiting. She thanks you for bringing the cardinal to Issgard and asks Maggi and Dew to help out with another tasks.
  19. /navi icas_in 35/118 - Talk to Lehar. He tells Friederike to contact him if she needs anything. An Iwin named Surr appears and urgently requests for Lehar's help for Purified Magic Cores. One of the other Iwins have fell into a pit but couldn't fly out due to water being present. If a purified magic core was used, the stranded Iwin can recover sooner. Rgans normally drop low-grade magic cores, but without purification, they are useless. Surr says that normally Leon and Aurelie would purify them, but do not have energy right now. Lehar asks Friederike to perform purification. She hesitates but Lehar states that it will be much appreciated by Voglinde. Friederike agrees and purifies the magic cores.

Rewarded with 30 Snow Flower Petal and 50 Ice Castle Reputation.

Quests unlocked:

  • Frozen Sea - Side Quest
  • Friederike's Day - Daily Quest

Frozen Sea

  1. /navi icas_in 27/116 - Talk to Surr who brings an injured Iwin to Lehar and Friederike. Lehar asks her to try to heal the Iwin. Midway, the Iwin wakes up, but it is Tamarin disguised as a Iwin. Lehar asks how did you come to Issgard without a Guardian's Invitation?
  2. /navi icas_in 27/122 - Talk to Tamarin who explains that he was working in Varmundt's Mansion to repair the underground waterways. Illusions appeared and attacked him. Tamarin vaguely remembers being on an airship and suddenly waking up in an rotten cavern. There are others who were also caught by the Illusions. Some managed to escape such as himself. He found Surr on his way and saved him. Tamarin remembers that he was hunting for Limacinas with traps before falling into an unknown cavern. The Limacina managed to break free and attacked him causing him to stumble into the pit. Surr says its not uncommon for traps to break. Tamarin says that there are traces for someone intentionally breaking the traps and would be beneficial to go and investigate with Mark and Alp.
  3. /navi jor_back1 300/272 - Check the first trap. An Icewind Huntsman stops you asking why are you touching their traps. You explain the situation and the Iwin suggests you to check north as the creatures there became more ferocious.
  4. /navi jor_back2 346/203 - Check the trap. You didn't find anything wrong with it and decide to check another trap closer to the pit.
  5. /navi jor_back2 260/294 - Check the trap. You find signs of damage. Alp suspects the liquid on the trap is poison similar to what was on Tamarin. Mark sees the monster that fell into the pit.
  6. /navi jor_back2 255/312 - Talk to the Iwin Diver. He informs you and the team that the poison inside the pit is worse than he expected. He thought his wetsuit could hold for a while, but as soon as he entered the pit, the magic core attached to the wetsuit broke. Mark suggests getting Friederike to help.
  7. /navi icas_in 32/123 - Meet with Friederike. Mark explains to her the situation with the poisonous pit and the broken magic core. She agrees to help out.
  8. /navi jor_back2 258/315 - Head back to pit entrance. The Iwin Diver says that it is unreasonable to purify the entire pit. For now, we should clean up the entrance and investigate where the poison is coming from. Friederike purifies the water around changing the poison to water. She takes the wetsuit and clothes and says she will attach purified magic cores to them. The Iwin Diver is thankful for Friederike's help and proceeds to enter the pit. He asks you to maintain the outside area as he investigates.
  9. Kill 10x monsters in jor_back2 and bring back 3 Frozen Meat (automatically collected when killing monsters).
  10. /navi jor_back2 255/312 - Report back to Iwin Diver. He explains that there is something terrible going on inside the pit. There was a small passage that was narrow enough for only one person to pass through with a blockage at the end. He managed to remove the rock and entered a huge pit. The Iwin Diver then saw something that looks like a Rgan but it looked too dangerous so he escaped. The team says we should all go inside to research carefully. If anything dangerous was found, we should report back to Voglinde.
  11. /navi jor_ab01 115/14 - Talk with Alp and Iwin Diver inside the pit. This is Alp's first time seeing the Rgan race and the Iwin Diver explains what they are. He asks you not to provoke too many Rgans, but to hunt a few while investigating.
  12. Kill 5x monsters in jor_ab01.
  13. /navi jor_ab01 223/107 - Investigate the area. Mark thinks this is the poison leaking out of the place. Alp is unsure if this is a natural occurrence or man-made. The Iwin Diver notices that the monsters here look odd as well. You should continue to investigate further.
  14. Kill another 5x monsters in jor_ab01.
  15. /navi jor_ab01 104/270 - Investigate the area. Alp sees the same situation as before: poison leaking out. Iwin Diver says this is a bigger issue than initially thought. Mark reports that he found a passage leading to another area.
  16. Kill another 5x monsters in jor_ab01 and collect 2 Frozen Meat.
  17. /navi jor_ab01 8/238 - Inspect the passage way. The Iwin Diver says the poison is accumulating the deeper we go and that the magic core will soon deplete. We must quickly investigate the new area then report back to Ice Castle.
  18. Kill another 10x monsters in jor_ab02 and collect 2 Frozen Meat.
  19. /navi jor_ab02 28/254 - Investigate the end of the pit. Mark didn't find any other areas that leads to other places. The Iwin Diver decides that this is the end and we should report back to Lehar and the others.
  20. /navi icas_in 32/123 - Meet with Friederike and Lehar who are glad that you are okay. Voglinde quickly appears and praises Friederike for cleaning the pit area. Surr informs that the pit is a very large area but seems unconnected to anywhere else. It is full of deformed Rgans and monsters. It would be too dangerous to leave it unchecked. Voglinde ponders if it is a natural occurrence or rather a disposal area for failed Rgans. Surr shows the frozen meat brought back from the area. Friederike purifies the meat and appears to be a good source of food. Voglinde agrees that it can be utilized as a food source. For now, the team decides to rest.

Rewarded with 10 Snow Flower Petal and 10 Ice Castle Reputation.

Quests unlocked:

  • Abandoned Pit Fl 1 - Daily Quest
  • Abandoned Pit Fl 2 - Daily Quest
  • Dig and Dig - Daily Quest
  • Do We Need a Refrigerator? - Daily Quest
  • Crispy Tools - Daily Quest

Search for the Lost

  1. /navi icas_in 141/216 - Talk to Lehar who mentions that Leon is looking for help.
  2. /navi icas_in 42/252 - Talk to Leon and Miriam. They discussed about the former human prisoners of Rgan's Nest that managed to escape during our adventure. Maram and Lazy have found and rescued many, but there could be more. The Iwins are already scouting around and it would be helpful if you assisted as well. Leon tells you that the barrier between Midgard and Issgard was for the separation of Rgans, not humans. He is worried that the very fact that there are humans here without Guardian's Invitation is a clear indication that the barrier has weakened over the course of hundreds of years. Leon explains that he and Aurelie are guarding Issgard, following the will of Jörmungandr. The god is not an evil spirit. But the reason why people think he is evil is because of the Rgans who formed the Jörmungandr Church and turned the continent into chaos. You ask about the Jörmungandr's Curse and Leon says that it is a blood curse casted by the Head of Jörmungandr Church as a last resort. However, Jörmungandr is a god that saved Midgard by sacrificing himself in order to prevent Rgans leaving Issgard. Miriam questions the legitimacy of this recorded history and story. However, Leon reiterates that whatever the cause, he and Aurelie must maintain the barrier. In the mean time, he asks you to go with Miriam to develop a plan for rescuing the survivors.
  3. /navi icas_in 48/252 - Talk to Miriam. She asks you to go into the Frozen Scale fields to find any survivors and bring them back to Ice Castle.

Quests unlocked:

  • Searching for Survivors - Daily Quest

Special Way to Survive

  1. /navi jor_nest 34/79 - While transformed, talk to Mimigand and question how Rgans came to be. He explains that ancient Rgans used to rule the Midgard continent through Jörmungandr's magical power. However, Jörmungandr was sealed due to evil human beings. All new Rgans are rooted in the blood of Rasgand, the last Rgan protected by Jörmungandr. He mentions that the magic inside our bodies left by Jörmungandr is what makes Rgan survive. But, not all Rgans are blessed with such magical power. The lower class Rgans are sinners who covet magical powers from higher ranking ones. Mimigand reminds you that magical power is limited and should not be wasted on Rgans that do not work towards Jörmungandr's and Rasgand's will. He asks you to kill the sinners, the lower class of Rgans, as sacrifice for surviving.
  2. Kill 10x Primitive Rgan and 10x Lowest Rgan and recover 10 Rgan's Low-Grade Magic Core.
  3. /navi jor_nest 34/79 - Return to Mimigand who thanks you for your efforts. Some of the Magic Cores will be used as resource to other High Class Rgans while the rest will go towards Rasgand's research.

Rewarded with 10 Snow Flower Petal.

Quests unlocked:

  • Our Precious Food - Daily Quest
  • Elegant Hobbies - Daily Quest

Preaching Doctrine

  1. /navi jor_nest 17/97 - While transformed, listen to the sermon given by Bernagand. He talks about Rasgand reviving the Jörmungandr Church by using his own blood to bring new Rgans to life. However, some of the Rgans born didn't go as planned. Bernagand explains that Rasgand had to sorrowfully turn the primitive Rgans into Magic cores one by one. Nonetheless, all Rgans, regardless of rank, are descendants of Rasgand. He has became immortal due to the curse entangled with humans. If Rasgand were to die before ending his revenge against humans, then the Rgan race would be ruined. One of the other high class Rgans whispers to you for your attention.
  2. /navi jor_nest 18/92 - Talk to Yuramigand who says you do not have to listen to the sermon. He doesn't know what Bernagand's plans are. Though he seems very loyal to Rasgand. He questions how all Rgans born from Rasgand's blood can be so different from each other. Yuramigand advises you not to be friendly with Bernagand.

Rewarded with 10 Snow Flower Petal.

Curious Things

  1. /navi jor_nest 239/239 - While transformed, talk to Delfanagand. He explains the ranking system of Rgans where Jörmungandr is the great serpent and Rasgand is the last survivor. All other Rgans are descended from Rasgand's blood. Delfanagand goes on saying that Bishops, like himself, are the next top class of Rgans followed by Priests such as yourself. Those who take cares of the eggs are simply laymen. Furthermore, language is inherited from Rgans. The higher class of Rgans, the better their speech and thoughts. Delfanagand wants you to exhibit this phenomena by talking to the simple Rgans at the hatchery.
  2. /navi jor_nest 274/199 - Talk to the Rgan at the first egg hatchery. You ask him if he has any complaints while working, but he doesn't know what the word means.
  3. /navi jor_nest 277/257 - Talk to the Rgan at the second egg hatchery. You ask him what is his favorite thing. He says it is being warm and hates going outside.
  4. /navi jor_nest 220/279 - Talk to the Rgan at the third egg hatchery. You ask him what he wants to do. He wants to lay on the floor where magic flows and sleep but he can't because he needs to work for Jörmungandr.
  5. /navi jor_nest 239/239 - Return to Delfanagand. He hopes this experience satisfied your curiosity regarding Rgans.

Rewarded with 10 Snow Flower Petal.

Daily Quests

NPC Quest Rewards
Base EXP Job EXP Items Reputation
/navi icecastle 27/126 Finding an Underground Hideout
Bury the 10 Super Strong Antennae across jor_back2 and jor_back3.
Locations will be marked on your minimap.
52,243,795 3,900,000 2 Snow Flower Petal 5
/navi icas_in 241/66 Happy Lunch Time with Zoryara
Gather 15 Tough Thin Shell from Ice Straw
52,243,795 3,900,000 2 Snow Flower Petal 5
/navi icas_in 33/53 Secret Fun
Gather 10 feathers of one type. List of acceptable feathers are:
- - 2 Snow Flower Petal 5
Round Feather ? ?
Soft Feather 45,713,321 3,250,000
Burning Feather ? ?
Red Feather ? ?
Bird Feather 39,182,846 ?
Cendrawasih Feather ? ?
PecoPeco Feather ? ?
Blue Feather ? ?
Harpy Feather ? ?
/navi icas_in 185/63 Procurement of Research Materials for Vellgunde
Gather 3 Purified Magic Core
Go to Freiderike /navi icas_in 32/123 and select Option 2:
→ Converts 10 Rgan's Low-Grade Magic Core for 1 Purified Magic Core
52,243,795 3,900,000 2 Snow Flower Petal 5
/navi jor_back2 250/30 Select Menu for Lunch
Gather 10 items for Lunch. The following items can be requested:
Cloud Crumb
Broken Liquor Jar
Piece of Bamboo
Cendrawasih Feather
Straw Basket
Brown Rat Tail
Yaga's Pestle
Denture from Dragon Mask
Leopard Skin
52,243,795 3,900,000 2 Snow Flower Petal
1 Rgan Transformation Scroll
/navi icas_in 27/116 Abandoned Pit Fl 1
Lv 220 - Kill 40x Monsters in jor_ab01 and gather 20 Frozen Meat.
18,000,000 14,000,000 2 Snow Flower Petal 5
Abandoned Pit Fl 2
Lv 240 - Kill 40x Monsters in jor_ab02 and gather 20 Frozen Meat.
? ? ? ?
Dig and Dig
Examine the ominous traces in jor_ab01 and jor_ab02.
Locations will be marked on your minimap.
52,243,795 3,900,000 2 Snow Flower Petal 5
/navi icas_in 27/122 Do We Need a Refrigerator?
Kill 20x Monsters in jor_back2 and gather 20 Frozen Meat.
9,000,000 7,000,000 2 Snow Flower Petal 5
Crispy Tools
Ensure the Frozen Traps are working in jor_back2.
Locations will be marked on your minimap.
52,243,795 3,900,000 2 Snow Flower Petal 5
/navi icas_in 32/123 Friederike's Day
Kill 10x Primitive Rgan and 10x Lowest Rgan.
Gather 10 Rgan's Magic Core
Rgan's Magic Core are randomly autolooted when killing Rgan.
10,000,000 7,000,000 2 Snow Flower Petal 5
/navi icecastle 97/177 Do not Feed Wildlife
Retrieve 1 Monster's Feed from a sand pile in jor_back1
52,243,795 3,900,000 2 Snow Flower Petal 5
/navi icas_in 48/252 Searching for Survivors
Find survivors in jor_back3 then return to Maram /navi icas_in 262/179
52,243,795 3,900,000 2 Snow Flower Petal 5
/navi jor_tail 48/241 Help Moryara Fish
Kill 20x Shining Seaweed
9,280,800 6,821,600 2 Snow Flower Petal 5
/navi jor_nest 257/26 For Safe Work
Kill 20x Limacina and 20x Calmaring
20,508,000 10,000,000 2 Snow Flower Petal 0
/navi jor_nest 239/244 Rgan to Work
Kill 20x Primitive Rgan
10,154,320 7,254,000 First Clear
10 Snow Flower Petal
2 Snow Flower Petal
/navi jor_nest 37/75 Elegant Hobbies
Gather the following items:
→ 10 Tough Thin Shell
→ 10 Bait Bell Flower
→ 10 Calapy
→ 10 Fluorescent Liquid
32,652,372 3,900,000 2 Snow Flower Petal 0
/navi jor_nest 235/57 Priest, Have Mercy??
Gather 30 Shell of Rgan from Rgans
52,243,795 3,900,000 First Clear
10 Snow Flower Petal
2 Snow Flower Petal
/navi jor_nest 34/79 Our Precious Food
Gather 30 Rgan's Low-Grade Magic Core from Rgans
32,652,372 3,900,000 First Clear
10 Snow Flower Petal
2 Snow Flower Petal


  • All Daily Quests require level 200 unless stated otherwise.
  • Daily Quests reset at 4:00AM Korean Time.


NPC Instance Level Required Party Count Cooldown Navigation Prerequisite Possible Rewards
Iwin Patrol 200 1+ 1 Day /navi icecastle 23/115 Episode 19 - Main Story - Step 13 Snow Flower Petal
B.EXP: 52,243,795
J.EXP: 3,900,000
Ice Castle Reputation
Airship Destruction 200 1+ 1 Day /navi jor_nest 22/255 Episode 19 - Main Story - Step 35 Snow Flower Petal
Snow Flower Magic Stone Ore
Snow Flower Magic Stone
Shining Snow Flower Magic Stone
Brilliant Snow Flower Magic Stone
Mysterious Luminant
Ice Castle Reputation
Simulation Battle 200 1+ 1 Day /navi jor_nest 66/260 Episode 19 - Main Story Snow Flower Petal
Snow Flower Magic Stone Ore
Snow Flower Magic Stone
Shining Snow Flower Magic Stone
Brilliant Snow Flower Magic Stone

Fields / Dungeons

Map Image Name Map Name BGM # Monsters
icecastle Issgard Ice Castle 188 -
icas_in Inside the Ice Castle 188 -
jor_tail Frozen Tail 187 Ice Gangu
Shining Seaweed
jor_back1 Frozen Scale Hills 187 Ice Gangu
Shining Seaweed
Ice Straw
jor_back2 Frozen Scale Plains 187 Ice Gangu
Ice Straw
Unfrost Flower
jor_back3 Frozen Scale Glaciers 187 Ice Gangu
Primitive Rgan
Lowest Rgan
Ultra Limacina (MVP)
(Respawn: 12:00HR ~ 18:00HR)
jor_ab01 Abandoned Pit Fl 1 189 Cave Calmaring
Cave Flower
Wasted Primitive Rgan
Hallucigenia Baby
Modified Senior Rgan
jor_ab02 Abandoned Pit Fl 2 189 One Eye Dollocaris
Entangled Intermediate Rgan
Wasted Intermediate Rgan
Two Eyes Dollocaris
jor_dun01 Snake God's Warmth Fl 1 189 Primitive Rgan
Heart Hunter AT
Lowest Rgan
Lesser Rgan
jor_dun02 Snake God's Warmth Fl 2 189 Heart Hunter AT
Lowest Rgan
Lesser Rgan
Intermediate Rgan
jor_nest Snake's Nest 190 -


/navi icas_in 175/63

Ice Castle reputation is granted for completing certain Daily Quests and Instances.

There are 3 obtainable reputation level requiring 1,000 points each.

Talk to Hoyoyo (Option 2) to open a specialized Reputation Shop.

Reputation Lv Unlock Currency Amount
0 NPC will not talk to you.
1 Snow Flower Armor 9 Refine Box Snow Flower Petal 200
Dry Ice Gangu Snow Flower Petal 1
Ice Castle Teleport Wings Snow Flower Petal 1
2 Glacier Weapon 9 Refine Box Snow Flower Petal 500
Costume Rgan Disguise Tool Snow Flower Petal 1000
Costume Iwin Cold Helmet Snow Flower Petal 1000
3 Daily Quests in Ice Castle grants additional 1 Snow Flower Petal
Daily Quests in Snake's Nest grants additional 2 Snow Flower Petal

Item Exchange

Snow Flower Petal Conversion

/navi icas_in 185/63

Talk to Vellgunde (Option 2) to convert 35 Snow Flower Petal for a random Ice Flower Magic Stone.

Need More Information - Calculation of estimated probabilities.

Ice Flower Magic Stone Conversion

/navi icas_in 185/63

Talk to Vellgunde (Option 3) to convert any 3 Ice Flower Magic Stones for a new random Ice Flower Magic Stone.

This will open a Lapine Ddukdak UI which allows you to select the 3 stones to convert.

Snow Flower Equipment

Glacier Weapons - Melee and Bows

/navi icas_in 180/61

Talk to Maram (Option 3) and select Melee and Bows (Option 1) to purchase Glacier Weapons.

IMG Item Currency Amount
Glacier Two-handed Sword 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Lance 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Sword 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Basic Sword 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Spear 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Mechanic Axe 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Axe 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Mace 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Mechanic Mace 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Rogue Knife 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Basic Knife 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Bow 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Knuckle 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Book 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Katar 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Violin 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Whip 150,000z → 114,000z

Glacier Weapons - Shuriken, Guns, and Staffs

/navi icas_in 180/61

Talk to Maram (Option 3) and select Shuriken, Guns, and Staffs (Option 2) to purchase Glacier Weapons.

IMG Item Currency Amount
Glacier Wand 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Staff 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Foxtail 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Huuma Shuriken 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Pistol 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Rifle 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Shotgun 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Gatling 150,000z → 114,000z
Glacier Launcher 150,000z → 114,000z

Snow Flower Magic Stone

/navi icas_in 175/63

Talk to Hoyoyo (Option 1) to convert Snow Flower Magic Stones.

Convenience NPC

Save / Inn

/navi icecastle 62/229

Talk to the Iwin on top of the Feather Bed and Breakfast for the following options:

  • Save in Ice Castle
  • Inn Service for 5,000z - Fully restore HP/SP


/navi icas_in 81/121

Talk to the Frozen Jar to open Storage 1 or 2 for 500z.

Warp Service

Warp Service is enabled once completing the Episode 19 - Main Story.

NPC Location Destination
/navi icecastle 55/124
(Option 1)
Snake's Nest
/navi jor_nest 273/23
(Option 2)
Ice Castle
/navi jor_tail 211/63
(Option 1)
Al De Baran
/navi aldebaran 102/103
(Option 1)
Frozen Tail

Tool Dealer

/navi icas_in 180/61

Talk to Maram to open the tool dealer shop (Option 1) or to sell your items (Option 4).

IMG Item Currency Amount
Magnifier 40z → 30z
Butterfly Wing 1,000z → 760z
Fly Wing 250z → 190z
Novice Fly Wings 10z → 7z
Compressed Fly Wings 1,000z → 760z
Concentration Potion 1,200z → 912z
Awakening Potion 2,200z → 1,672z
Berserk Potion 4,500z → 3,420z
Red Potion 10z → 7z
Orange Potion 50z → 38z
Yellow Potion 180z → 136z
White Potion 1,200z → 912z
Green Potion 40z → 30z
Yggdrasil Leaf 12,000z → 9,120z
Empty Bottle 400z → 304z
Blue Gemstone 450z → 342z
Venom Knife 50z → 38z


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