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Episode 18: Direction of Prayer


After succeeding in analyzing the Illusion's power in Varmundt's Mansion, your journey takes you to back to the capital of Arunafeltz to uncover a societal division among its people. Rachel was founded by the missionaries who immigrated and preached the Goddess Freyja. However, faith did not resolve the conflicts between the migrants and the natives.

Video Guide by 3MP
Video Guide by Wandering Star

Quest Walkthrough

Main Story Quest


1. /navi ba_in01 26/266 - Talk to Elly in Varmundt's Mansion and receive a Mini Elly headgear and equip it for the whole quest. With this headgear, you can communicate with Elly during your investigation in Rachel for Illusion power presence.

2. /navi rachel 182/176 - Talk to the Masked Girl in Rachel. You and Elly will uncover an argument among its citizens. More people start to show up and protest for Arunafeltz to be united including with the natives.

3. /navi rachel 183/170 - Talk to the Female Priest who shows up to calm the people. Talk to her again who asks you to find the origin of this conflict. Rewarded with 20 Amethyst Fragment

4. /navi ra_temple 72/54 - Talk to the Male Priest Junok outside Rachel's Temple to ask about the arguments you witnessed in the city. He explains that there is an on-going conflict between the natives and migrants. Guard Gala explains the situation that several attempts has been made to break into Rachel's Temple. Another Guard appears to inform Junok that more intruders were just spotted from the west.

5. /navi ra_temple 30/142 - Follow Junok and the Guards who captured the intruders and you noticed that they were Heart Hunters. Gala takes them away into custody and asks you to meet in Rachel's Temple for a reporting. Rewarded with 30 Amethyst Fragment

6. /navi ra_temin 173/40 - Talk to Guard Dent who explains that these intrusions are getting worse.

7. /navi ra_temin 174/38 - Talk to Marshall Neil for his stance on the situation.

8. /navi ra_temin 172/36 - Talk to Freyja Priest who says that lately the people who come inside the temple are causing fights rather than praying. High Priestess Niren shows up to share her concerns about fighting in the Divine Temple. She asks to talk to you in private.

9. /navi ra_temin 213/87 - Talk to High Priestess Niren in secret near the staircase. She explains she knows the Heart Hunters are after Ymir's Heart piece, but security is spread too thin with the recent uproar between the migrants and natives.

10. /navi ra_temin 174/38 - Return to Marshall Neil who says his son Maram can help.

11. /navi rachel 137/135 - Go ask a Villager in Rachel to see if he has seen Maram but he is no help.

12. /navi rachel 105/134 - Talk to another Villager but he is also no help.

13. /navi rachel 69/117 - Talk to another Villager who says he saw Maram go to a meeting just north of here.

14. /navi rachel 70/147 - Talk to Maram. He explains the situation of Rachel's past where believers of Freyja migrated here and pushed the natives away. The natives tried to stay with the Temple, but ultimate hated it and left. He also let you know that he is adopted by Niren. When his mother became a High Priest, she lead a program to encourage the wealthy immigrants of Rachel to adopt just as she did. Niren had the idea where adopting children of the natives could help bridge the gap between the two groups. Instead, the native children were outcast into discrimination known as “Grey Children”. Maram asks you to wait with him so you can speak with other natives to learn the circumstance better.

15. /navi rachel 62/144 - Talk to Miriam. Miriam and Maram gives you a list of items to buy from traders in Rachel.

16. /navi rachel 87/122 - Ask the trader if he has anything to sell, but he is too nervous to sell to you.

17. /navi rachel 107/102 - Talk with Trader Sannat. You show him the list but he doesn't have any of those items in stock.

18. /navi rachel 117/104 - Talk to Miriam who gets frustrated on how the merchants avoids “Grey Children” and suddenly cannot provide products.

19. /navi rachel 119/103 - Talk to Maram. He has an idea where you and him will lie about your background. That way the vendors will not get suspicious.

20. /navi rachel 137/85 - Talk to the Merchant Rencia. Maram introduces you as another Merchant in an adjacent village who needs to restock. Rencia sees your list and says he can provide the items requested. However, he notices you didn't bring a cart and offers a delivery service.

21. /navi rachel 120/79 - Talk to Miriam. She is worried that this lie will unfold when Rencia makes the delivery. Maram suggests disguises from a guy he knows. He will order food at a bar and his friend will contact you there.

22. /navi rachel 108/73 - Sit at the barstool and eat the dumplings that Maram ordered for you. Tamarin appears and introduces himself. You aqcuire disguises from him. Then he asks you to meet with him at Rachel's Square to recruit Mark and Maggi on the journey.

23. /navi rachel 122/120 - Talk to Mark at the Square. Tamarin says go to the meeting spot.

24. /navi rachel 70/147 - Talk to Maram. He says everything is now prepared to travel. He won't disclose where you will be heading, but to just follow his lead. He asks you to go back to Rencia to arrange the delivery time and location.

25. /navi rachel 137/85 - Talk to Merchant Rencia. You tell him to drop off the goods at the west side of Rachel.

26. /navi rachel 41/132 - Go to the wooden boxes to collect the goods.

27. /navi ra_fild11 354/235 - Talked to Maram disguised as a Merchant. He tells you cannot join you without others getting suspicious or being followed to the destination. Maram will meet up with you and the group later to lead you the way through Oz Gorge.

28. /navi ra_fild10 179/176 - Meet Maram at the entrance to Oz Labyrinth to being an instance to cross the gorge. This instance is solo only and you cannot bring any party members.

29. Follow the shortest path to the exit marked in yellow on the mini map of Oz Labyrinth Floor 1 instance. You have to clear monsters on the way for the Tamarin and the others to travel safely.

30. /navi gw_fild01 273/339 - Talk to Maram who is glad that we all made it through. He says the village is nearby and for you to go west.

31. /navi gw_fild01 35/102 - Talk to Maram who says this is the entrance of the village. Imril appears.

32. /navi gw_fild01 37/105 - Talk to Imril. He is extremely angry at Maram for breaking the rule of no outsiders allowed (you). Maram pleads with Imril stating that you assisted the entire process of obtaining stock and crossing the Oz Gorge. Imril says Suad will have the final ruling and asks us to wait until he gets him.

33. /navi gw_fild01 35/102 - Talk to Maram. Suad appears and Maram explains the whole situation. Fewer traders in Rachel are selling to natives. Oz Labyrinth will soon be impassable due to overflowing lava. Maram says they should considered themselves lucky to have an adventurer help. He asks Suad to give you a chance like how Niren gave him a chance. Suad finally allows you to enter the village.

34. /navi wolfvill 143/113 - Talk to Imril and Maram. They are glad that Suad allowed you to enter Grey Wolf Village. They show you how the current situation is distressing with the lack of food and harsh environment. Maram mentions that you may not be so easily allowed in Grey Wolf Village next time suggests talking to the other villagers to become more trustworthy. Rewarded with 50 Amethyst Fragment and side quests unlocked.

Note: In order to proceed with the main story quest, you must complete Training Grey Wolves side quest and your Reputation for Grey Wolf Village must exceed a certain value. It is recommended to complete all side quests first before continuing.

35. /navi wolfvill 180/179 - Talk to Village Boy. He says the conference is starting soon.

36. /navi wolfvill 144/151 - Meet with Suad at the conference located at the center of Grey Wolf Village.

37. /navi wolfvill 145/146 - Overhear the Radical Man who states that we should destroy all temples of Freyja.

38. /navi wolfvill 139/148 - Listen to the Native Old Man who agrees.

39. /navi wolfvill 150/147 - Talk with the other attendee who asks for war.

40. /navi wolfvill 152/145 - Listen to the Skeptical Young Man. He is worried about the shear number of Rachel Guards if the village chooses to attack.

41. /navi wolfvill 144/151 - Talk to Suad who begins the conference. He shares his concerns about crossing the Oz Gorge for supplies. The future of Grey Wolf Village looks bleak. The people start screaming and demanding war against Rachel to that the village can reclaim the land. Suad is pressured for an armed rebellion. One villager mentions to you that he will get the weapons from their hidden location. This catches Maram's attention and says we should investigate the place to see where the weapons are coming from.

42. /navi wolfvill 148/153 - Talk to Miriam. She also agrees that you and Maram should find the source of the weapons. Maram brings up the plan of lying again and pretending to be part of the armed rebellion. Rewarded with 40 Amethyst Fragment

43. /navi wolfvill 143/145 - Lie to the Radical Man. He discloses that he got the weapon from Bearded Jack in Rachel.

44. /navi rachel 75/44 - You arrive to what appears to be a Hardware Store. Talk with Bearded Jack and ask for “Smelly Dandelion”. Jack tells you to meet someone at Veins if we need weapons.

45. /navi veins 293/282 - Talk to Dandelion and mention “Smelly Dandelion”. He gets upset at Jack for making a bad password. Maram asks for the supplier of these weapons and Dandelion says that he acquires them at a secret base in Thor's Volcano.

46. /navi thor_v01 169/169 - Talk with Maram in the middle of Thor's Volcano Floor 1. He found a way into the secret base.

47. /navi que_thr 133/53 - Talk to Maram again at the entrance of the secret base. You will enter the base as an instance (not forced solo).

48. Follow your way through the instance marked as the red path. Maram will help unblock the barricades marked in purple. Becareful of the alarm crystals which will spawn guards. Upon reaching the end, collect all 5 Document Files marked in orange.

49. /navi 1@tcamp 34/100 - Talk to Miriam who also found the secret base. Maram is surprised that Miriam follow you and noticed that these weapons are very old. She mentions that this is one of the military bases once managed by her step father, Priest Amal. However, judging by the documents you found, it seems that this is a different kind of corruption for these weapons to be sold.

50. /navi 1@tcamp 32/102 - Talk to Maram who is worried about the corruption. Miriam says she will go back to Rachel to show the evidence and you decide to go as well. Rewarded with 50 Amethyst Fragment

51. /navi wolfvill 140/122 - Talk to Suad and let him know your findings. Elly jumps in to mention that these weapons are part of a bigger problem. Her analysis shows that with the use of old gunpowder and no maintenance, the weapons have an accuracy of 9.72%. Miriam and Maram shows up in distress about the weapons leaving the rebellion to be slaughtered.

52. /navi wolfvill 131/257 - Go to the weapon box. Miriam warns the villagers about arming with these weapons and asks Suad to do something.

53. /navi wolfvill 131/252 - Talk to the armed villager. They are now ready for the rebellion. Suad pushes on and says he will be meet you at Rachel to invade the temple. He asks Maram to stay in Grey Wolf Village in case of an emergency. Rewarded with 30 Amethyst Fragment

54. /navi rachel 169/245 - Talk to the Ordinary Person in Rachel to enter a story instance (not forced solo).

55. Follow Miriam to the location of the protest. You will see the protest of the armed rebellion against the Rachel Guards. Miriam quickly disappears to go inside the temple.

56. Follow the navigation go to inside the temple. Miriam is surprised by your presence and she says we need to stay quiet. The instance is similar layout as Sanctuary Purification.

57. Upon clearing all the rooms, you and Miriam find Schulang and Illusionist Bagot discussing their plan of using Illusion power in Rachel but both leave quickly.

58. Follow Miriam out of the temple and you will find that the rebellion has reach the entrance of the temple. They start shooting but their faulty weapons causes many casualities. Stop the rebellion and exit the instance. Repeatable instance Sanctuary Purification unlocked.

59. /navi rachel 116/200 - Talk to High Priestess Niren. She, High Priest Zhed, Miriam, and Suad realize the severity of the situation. Suad is worried about news reaching back to Grey Wolf Village but Niren and Zhed will take care of public relations. Niren asks if Miriam is sure if her adoptive father, High Priest Amal, was involved. Miriam mentions that at a certain point, her weak father suddenly became extremely motivated for unknown reasons. Only then that the conflict between the natives and Arunafeltz immigrants started. Elly notices that this timeline matches when the Heart Hunters escaped Varmundt's Mansion. Niren concludes that the two groups are in collaboration and must be investigated. Rewarded with 60 Amethyst Fragment

60. /navi oz_dun01 223/116 - Go to the location of the Villa. You will find Maram, Miriam and Ira there. They mention that this is the spot for where Amal conducts his work. Maram has to return to Grey Wolf Village but tells you that Ayra will lead the way for you.

61. /navi oz_dun01 219/117 - Talk to Ayra to enter a story instance (not forced solo).

62. Talk with Miriam and all the NPCs inside the instance. You have to clear all Heart Hunters to proceed into the next area.

63. You will find Schulang who tries to stop you from entering the final chamber. Defeat him to proceed.

64. Meet with High Priest Amal and Illusion Bagot who says you are too late and they are recreating Goddess Freyja with the power of Illusion.

65. Defeat Fake Goddess Freyja and the embryo falls out of it.

66. Talk to Miriam. Amal is angry at you for destroying his work. Miriam tells her father that you are only here to help. The goddess that he tried to make can never come anything close to the real Goddess Freyja. Exit the instance through the south portal.

67. /navi oz_dun01 225/119 - Talk to Maram and explain the situation. He tell you that Amal and Miriam went to the temple.

68. /navi ra_temin 254/117 - Unequip Mini Elly and meet with Miriam, Niren, Zhed, Suad and Maram. They are horrified about how the Ymir's heart-piece was stolen and used for this purpose.

69. /navi ra_temin 258/117 - Talk to Elly. She explains to all that the samples she collected inside the villa are the same molecules used for homunculus embryos. Bagot is also born from an embryo based on the Pope's appearance. Later, Bagot became a chimera with the power of Illusion. Miriam asks Suad about the future of Grey Wolf Village. Elly also sheds light on how to resolve this issue. She explains to Niren and Zhed an idea to integrate the indigenous and migrants by giving the natives legal status and power in Rachel. Niren agrees and will immediately start the procedure of implementation. You ask where Bagot is heading with Ymir's heart-piece. Miriam says that her father and Bagot is going to the northern continent. Elly states that is the area where Jörmungandr is sealed. Bagot is interested in resurrecting other deities. Rewarded with 180 Amethyst Fragment and Costume Mini Elly.

Investigation of Oz Labyrinth

  1. /navi wolfvill 143/113 - Talk to Imril
  2. /navi oz_dun01 27/184 - Go to Oz Labryinth Fl 1 and investigate the crack in floor
  3. /navi oz_dun01 68/284 - Find a box that someone left behind
  4. /navi oz_dun01 65/189 - Investigate another crack
  5. /navi oz_dun01 111/96 - Investigate another crack
  6. /navi oz_dun01 100/92 - Talk with Villager Paul who is struggling to cross and left his stuff behind
  7. Kill 10 monsters in oz_dun01
  8. /navi oz_dun01 100/92 - Return to Paul
  9. /navi oz_dun01 134/56 - Find another box
  10. /navi oz_dun01 110/37 - Investigate another crack
  11. /navi oz_dun02 152/276 - Investigate another crack
  12. /navi oz_dun02 143/231 - Talk to the Elderly Man
  13. /navi wolfvill 143/113 - Talk to Imril in Grey Wolf Village

Rewarded with 20 Amethyst Fragment and daily quest unlocked.

Training Grey Wolves

  1. /navi wolfvill 117/119 - Talk to the Farmer
  2. /navi wolfvill 99/178 - Talk to Aisha
  3. /navi wolfvill 100/177 - Give 1 Meat to the Baby Grey Wolf. Rewarded with 10 Amethyst Fragment
  4. /navi wolfvill 117/119 - Talk to the Farmer. He thanks you for all your help and accepts you as part of the Grey Wolf Village. You may now attend the conference with Suad.

Rewarded with 10 Amethyst Fragment, daily quest unlocked, and main story quest continuation.

Ahab's Request

  1. /navi wolfvill 85/111 - Talk to Zlan
  2. /navi wolfvill 83/109 - Talk to Kayar
  3. /navi wolfvill 87/109 - Talk to Desel
  4. /navi wolfvill 127/155 - Talk to Ahab who ask you to go to Rachel to get cucumber sauce.
  5. /navi rachel 135/64 - Talk to Shop Keeper and choose 3rd option for cucumber sauce.
  6. /navi wolfvill 127/155 - Give Ahab his sauce.
  7. /navi wolfvill 127/155 - Talk to Ahab again after he is done eating.
  8. /navi wolfvill 85/111 - Go back to Zlan

Rewarded with 20 Amethyst Fragment and daily quest unlocked.

Collecting Folklore

  1. /navi wolfvill 61/170 - Talk to Folklorist Gudra who gives you a Recording Note
  2. /navi wolfvill 106/224 - Record folklore from Dina
  3. /navi wolfvill 180/204 - Record folklore from Amira
  4. /navi wolfvill 154/184 - Record folklore from Shanina
  5. /navi wolfvill 61/170 - Go back to Gudra

Rewarded with 20 Amethyst Fragment and daily quest unlocked.

Purifying Water

  1. /navi wolfvill 103/230 - Talk to Budan who asks you to get water purifiers from Rachel
  2. /navi rachel 103/141 - Talk to Trader and he will sell you a Water Filter
  3. /navi wolfvill 104/234 - Put the filter into the water barrel to receive Purified Water
  4. /navi wolfvill 103/230 - Give Budan the purified water.

Rewarded with 20 Amethyst Fragment and daily quest unlocked.

Transporting Goods

  1. /navi wolfvill 50/234 - Talk to Hazar who has a broken wagon
  2. /navi wolfvill 53/234 - Take 1 Tough Vine and try to fix the wagon. The chance is random and you only need 1 Tough Vine.
  3. /navi wolfvill 50/234 - Talk to Hazar. He asks for one more favor of finding Camille and help him travel safely with the wagon.
  4. /navi gw_fild01 115/130 - Click on the Camille's wagon that he left behind.
  5. /navi gw_fild01 205/102 - Find Camille being attacked by a Grey Wolf. You have to play an RPG-Like text battle. Choose 1st Option until the Grey Wolf dies.
  6. /navi gw_fild01 201/102 - Talk to Camille who thanks you for helping him.
  7. /navi wolfvill 75/214 - Talk to Hazar who tells you that 4 goods were lost in Grey Wolf Forest.
  8. /navi gw_fild01 89/211 - Find the first item.
  9. /navi gw_fild01 230/52 - Find the second item.
  10. /navi gw_fild01 347/194 - Find the third item.
  11. /navi gw_fild01 242/325 - Find the fourth item.
  12. /navi wolfvill 75/214 - Talk to Hazar.

Rewarded with 20 Amethyst Fragment and daily quest unlocked.

Clinic Construction

  1. /navi wolfvill 171/253 - Talk to Ezekiel
  2. /navi wolfvill 176/111 - Talk to Old Man
  3. /navi wolfvill 171/253 - Talk to Ezekiel who requests 3 Steel
  4. /navi wolfvill 171/253 - Give Ezekiel 3 steel.
  5. /navi wolfvill 171/253 - Talk to Ezekiel a final who helps another villager.

Rewarded with 20 Amethyst Fragment and daily quest unlocked.

Checking Traps for Food

  1. /navi wolfvill 202/166 - Talk to Eruin
  2. Inspect the traps installed for food in the trees of Grey Wolf Forest.
    Trees will be marked on your minimap in gw_fild01.
    You have a chance to acquire Trapped Bird, Trapped Lizard, or Trapped Pear.
    You will need 5 total sources food (Example: 2 lizards, 1 bird, 2 pears is sufficient).
  3. /navi wolfvill 202/166 - Bring Eruin the food you have acquired.

Rewarded with 20 Amethyst Fragment and daily quest unlocked.

Clearing Firewind Kites

  1. /navi wolfvill 147/97 - Talk to Ahir who is scared of Firewind Kites bring fire over the village. He asks you to kill 30 of them.
  2. Kill 30 Firewind Kites in gw_fild02
  3. /navi wolfvill 147/97 - Talk to Ahir. He thanks you for you effort.

Rewarded with 20 Amethyst Fragment and daily quest unlocked.

Childhood Friends

  1. /navi wolfvill 182/82 - Talk to Alber. He asks you to check up on his childhood friend, Horim, who works in Rachel Hotel
  2. /navi ra_in01 388/59 - Talk to Horim. He tells you to meet him after work west of Rachel.
  3. /navi ra_fild11 358/229 - Talk to Horim. He wants to go to Grey Wolf Village and you will guide him there.
  4. /navi ra_fild10 375/293 - Talk to Horim.
  5. /navi oz_dun01 285/170 - Talk to Horim.
  6. /navi gw_fild01 272/342 - Talk to Horim.
  7. /navi gw_fild01 36/99 - Talk to Horim.
  8. /navi wolfvill 266/26 - Talk to Horim. He is grateful for escorting him safely.

Rewarded with 20 Amethyst Fragment and daily quest unlocked.

Helping the Children

  1. /navi rachel 38/44 - Talk to Young Man.
  2. /navi rachel 37/42 - Talk to Man.
  3. /navi rachel 40/45 - Talk to Young Boy.
  4. /navi rachel 36/45 - Talk to Young Girl.

Rewarded with 10 Amethyst Fragment

Price of Labor

  1. /navi rachel 181/51 - Talk to Old Man who asks you to talk with the Trader
  2. /navi rachel 136/95 - Talk to the Trader. He tells you he dreamed of being an adventurer until he took an arrow to the knee.
  3. /navi rachel 181/51 - Go back to the Old Man.

Rewarded with 10 Amethyst Fragment

Gather Opinions in Rachel

  1. /navi rachel 155/236 - Talk to the High Priest. He asks you to talk to 6 citizens in Rachel that he will mark on your minimap.
  2. After talking to 6 NPCs, return to the High Priest. Note that the 6 citizens are randomized.

Rewarded with 3 Amethyst Fragment and daily quest unlocked.

Picking Half Flowers

  1. /navi rachel 180/80 - Talk to the Kid who is interested in Half Flowers. He spotted one near a tree.
  2. /navi rachel 70/135 - Talk to the Kid. He tells you that picking Half Flowers rely on a technique.
  3. /navi rachel 72/133 - Pick the Half Flower near the tree using the following method: 20° Angle / 4 Leaves Left / 30ml of Water / 6g Secret Powder

Rewarded with 10 Amethyst Fragment and daily quest unlocked.

Daily Quests

NPC Quest Rewards
Amethyst Fragment Base EXP Job EXP Reputation
/navi wolfvill 202/166 Inspect the traps installed for food in the trees of Grey Wolf Forest.
Trees will be marked on your minimap in gw_fild01.
You have a chance to acquire Trapped Bird, Trapped Lizard, or Trapped Pear.
You will need 5 total sources food (Example: 2 lizards, 1 bird, 2 pears is sufficient)
3 18,252,408 2,000,000 30
/navi wolfvill 143/113 Lv 170 - Kill 20 Ash Toad in Oz Labyrinth Fl 1 3 4,364,880 3,000,000 30
Lv 200 - Kill 20 Hot Molar in Oz Labyrinth Fl 2 3 11,588,320 3,000,000 30
/navi wolfvill 147/97 Kill 30 Firewind Kite found in gw_fild02 3 10,318,080 3,000,000 30
/navi wolfvill 61/170 Obtain a Recording Note and record folklore from three other villagers
Villagers are marked on your minimap in wolfvill
3 18,252,408 2,000,000 30
/navi wolfvill 117/119 Talk to the Grey Goat /navi gw_fild01 138/106
Kill 20 Ashring and return to the Grey Goat
3 7,769,124 3,000,000 30
/navi wolfvill 103/230 Purchase Water Filter from Rachel NPC /navi rachel 103/141 for 550z
Obtain Purified Water by putting the filter into the water barrel located /navi wolfvill 103/235
3 18,252,408 2,000,000 30
/navi wolfvill 171/253 Gather 1 Steel and 10 Very Unusual Crystal
Very Unusual Crystals are randomly autolooted when killing Grey Wolf
3 18,252,408 2,000,000 30
/navi gw_fild01 32/101 Choose 4th option to receive quest
Kill 30 monsters in gw_fild01
3 9,956,480 3,000,000 30
/navi rachel 155/236 Talk to citizens in Rachel for information.
Citizens are marked on your minimap in rachel
3 18,252,408 2,000,000 0
/navi rachel 70/135 Pick a Half Flower corresponding to your quest log.
It will be highlighted in blue for which method to use:

1) Near Rocks
→ 40° Angle / 2 Leaves Left / 50ml of Water / 2g Secret Powder
2) On Flat Ground
→ 30° Angle / 4 Leaves Left / 40ml of Water / 4g Secret Powder
3) Near Trees
→ 20° Angle / 4 Leaves Left / 30ml of Water / 6g Secret Powder
4) Near Water
→ 10° Angle / 8 Leaves Left / 20ml of Water / 8g Secret Powder

Once picked correctly, you will receive Half Flower
The flower has an expiration of 1 day so bring it back quickly.
3 18,252,408 2,000,000 0


  • All Daily Quests require level 170 unless stated otherwise.
  • Daily Quests reset at 4:00AM Korean Time.


Fields / Dungeons

Map Image Name Map Name BGM # Monsters
wolfvill Grey Wolf Village 186 -
gw_fild01 Grey Wolf Forest 183 Ashhopper
Grey Wolf
gw_fild02 Grey Wolf Forest 183 Ashring
Grey Wolf
Firewind Kite
Phantom Wolf
oz_dun01 Oz Labyrinth Fl 1 184 Rake Hand
Ash Toad
oz_dun02 Oz Labyrinth Fl 2 184 Spark
Hot Molar
Lava Toad
Burning Fang (MVP)
(Respawn: 6:00HR ~ 6:10HR)
ra_fild10 Rachel Oz Gorge 97 Grey Baby Wolf
Grey Goat
Rake Hand
ra_fild11 Rachel Ida Plains 97 Grey Baby Wolf
Grey Goat
Rake Hand


The reputation NPC for Grey Wolf Village is located /navi wolfvill 167/135. Each reputation level requires 1,000 points. Points can be obtained via Daily Quests.

Reputation Lv Unlock
0 The NPC will state that you are not reputable in Grey Wolf Village.
1 Storage (200z) and Tool Dealer (Buy and Sell)
2 Teleport to Rachel for 1 Amethyst Fragment
3 Able to buy Gray Wolf 7 Refine Box for 1050 Amethyst Fragment
4 Able to buy Gray Wolf 9 Refine Box for 2250 Amethyst Fragment
5 Daily quests from Grey Wolf Village will give additional 1 Amethyst Fragment
Villa of Deception instance reward increased to 10 Amethyst Fragment
Note: This does not affect Episode 18 Daily Quests that start in Rachel including Sanctuary Purification

Item Exchange


/navi wolfvill 164/137

A brand new system was introduced during Episode 18 for enchanting your Gray Wolf Equipment.

Talk to NPC Emmett in Gray Wolf Village and select Option 2 to enchant.

Refer to the Enchantment System page for more information.


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