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Skill & Stat Reset

Did you make a mistake on your build? Do you need to reset your skills or stats? kRO has few methods to help you fix that.

Beginner Reset

  • You be must 1st Job (any level) or Expanded Job (below level 50).
  • You need to have no mount, 0 weight and 0 zeny.
  • Talk to Hypnotist in Izlude /navi izlude 127/175
  • He offers free skill and stat resets.

Event Reset

  • In some cases after emergency maintenances, Gravity may enable the Event Skill/Stat Resetter in Geffen.
  • Pay attention to recent patch notes for when this happen. Click here for an example.
  • When this happens, go to Geffen and talk to the event novice at /navi geffen 142/203
  • You need to have no mount and below 500 weight.
  • There is no level nor cost requirement to use this event resetter.

  • For skills, you can purchase Neuralizer from players or cash shop.
  • For stats, you can purchase status specific Soul Potions from players or obtain from Hugel Racing. These potions removes 1 stat point to reuse.


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