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Access Quests and Bypasses

Doing quests can be tedious when you just want to level up. Thankfully, kRO has added many bypasses to popular leveling dungeons in the early game.


  • You must be level 120 to access Geffenia.
  1. Go to Geffen
  2. Talk to the girl alchemist /navi geffen 129/46 and she will send you to Geffenia

Rachel Sanctuary

  1. Go to Rachel Temple (North of Rachel)
  2. Talk to the Priest at /navi ra_temple 168/169


  1. Go to Lighthalzen and teleport to the slums with fly wings.
  2. Talk to the woman near the sewer pipes /navi lighthalzen 310/306

Nameless Island

  1. Go to Veins Field south of Veins
  2. Talk to the woman near the dock /navi ve_fild07 109/145

Dimensional Gap

Initial Quest

  1. Go to Eden Group
  2. Talk to the Cat Hand Agent near the stairs (the one that doesn't move)
  3. Register by typing your name and pay 50,000z.
  4. You will be warped to destroyed morroc field. Go left and talk to the cat and pick second option.
  5. You will be warped to quest dimensional crack. Go north and talk to the cat.
  6. You are now in Midgard Camp. Talk to the dimensional device to go into Dimensional Gap.

After you've been to the dimensional gap and registered with Cat Hand Agents, you can now go to the Dimensional Gap quick.

  1. Go to the corridor on the first floor.
  2. Go to the left room (opposite of where you get Eden Weapon).
  3. Talk to Dimensional device to Dimensional Gap.

Dimensional Crack

  1. Go to Dimensional Gap second floor.
  2. Talk to the NPC guard at /navi dali02 45/96

Guild Dungeon Access

  1. You can access any WoE Guild Dungeons through the Cat Paw NPC (게미트 담당자) located in each realm:
    • Al De Baran → /navi alde_gld 191/164
    • Geffen → /navi gef_fild13 189/206
    • Payon → /navi pay_gld 206/189
    • Prontera → /navi prt_gld 161/96
  2. The Cat Paw NPC will allow you to enter any floor of their respective realm's guild dungeons at a cost:
    • Floor 1 for 50,000z
    • Floor 2 for 100,000z
    • Hall of Abyss for 500,000z


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