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Kachua Diamond Exchange

kRO upgraded Kachua's gambling as an limited time event which is now a permanent addition.


/navi comodo 219/158

Players can gamble 3-Carat Diamonds with Kachua who resides in Comodo.

Players may select which category of equipment they would like to win.

The list of rewards was also upgraded to include newer items such as the Ancient Hero weapons in 2016.


It is noted on Gravity's event page that reward list may change in the future as needed.

Player may buy 3-Carat Diamond from the Diamond Miner in Coal Mines (/navi mjolnir_02 85/362)



When exchanging with Kachua, she offers the following categories to gamble:

  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Garment
  • Headgear
  • Shoes
  • Shield

The Time Limited Prizes and Common Items have an equal chance of winning in any of the categories but very low odds.

Occasionally, Gravity will increase their odds for a few weeks so be sure to check maintenance notices for information before gambling.

01 - Time Limited Prizes

02 - Common Items

03 - Weapons

04 - Garment

05 - Armor

06 - Shoes

07 - Shield

08 - Headgears

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