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Old Glast Heim (Challenge Mode)

Video Run by Kuuwang

Difficulty Level

OGH:CM has a selectable difficulty system where you can unlock stronger versions of the instance after completing an easier version of the instance.


Difficulty Level Number of Clears Phantom Amdarais HP
Lv 1 You start at Lv 1 600,000,000
Lv 2 5 times 750,000,000
Lv 3 11 times 900,000,000
Lv 4 18 times 1,050,000,000
Lv 5 26 times 1,200,000,000
Lv 6 35 times 1,350,000,000
Lv 7 45 times 1,500,000,000
Lv 8 60 times 1,650,000,000
Lv 9 80 times 1,800,000,000
Lv 10 100 times 2,000,000,000

Higher difficulty levels will do the following:

  • Scale all monsters damage by (Damage * Difficulty Level)
  • Scale Boss HP by (450,000,000 + [150,000,000 * Difficulty Level]) except for level 10.
  • Scale Mutated Thorn HP by (5 + [Difficulty Level * 4])
  • Increases Boss's Health Regeneration mechanic by (300,000 * Difficulty Level) HP per 2 seconds.
  • More Skills & Mechanics during Boss fight
  • Increases rewards


  • The number of clears progression is character bound.
  • Difficulty Level does not matter for number of clears. Players can complete 100 times on Difficulty Level 1 to unlock Difficulty Level 10.



  • ORANGE: Start Point
  • BLUE: Left side (50 mobs)
  • GREEN: Right side (50 mobs)
  • YELLOW: Start Position / Portal Location
  • PURPLE: MVP Summoning Location
  • RED: MVP Fighting Arena. Refer to Skills & Mechanics.

Upon entering the instance, you start at the orange spot. You will see Oscar (오스카) NPC. The party leader must talk to the NPC to initiate the battle. All party members will be randomly split to the left side (blue box) and right (green box) of the map. There are 50 monsters per side. You must clear 47 monsters in order to unlock the portal (yellow). If the other side is not cleared, the portal will lead you to the other side. You can have your support party members not move and they will be safe until you finish clearing your side.

After defeating one side of monsters, there is a chance that Oscar will announce the following message: “뭔가 기분 나쁜 녀석이 중앙통로에 나타났군요”. A Prime Corruption Root will spawn in the center corridor and you must kill it within 30 seconds. If you fail to kill it on time, the Prime Corruption Root will kill all party members on screen (15×15) and then Oscar will purify it (defeat it for you). The amount of Prime Corruption Root spawned depends on the difficulty level. Two or more can spawn at difficulty level 4 while up to five can spawn at difficulty level 10. In order to have an opportunity in defeating the Prime Corruption Root, both sides must be cleared simultaneously so that the party can reach the center corridor in time. Alternatively, the party can entirely avoid the monster without any penalties other than less rewards from Oscar.

Once both sides has been cleared, the portal will lead to the center corridor where you will meet with Oscar who will lead you to battle against Phantom Amdarais.

There is a 5% ~ 10% chance that instead of Phantom Amdarais, players would battle against Phantom Himmelmez. Some Skills & Mechanics may differ and you would have the opportunity to get her card.

General Recommendations:


Skills & Mechanics


  • The following information are for noteworthy or troublesome skills and mechanics. Please refer to Divine-Pride for more possible skill information from the MVP.
  • The information will improve as more data are gathered.
Mechanic Difficulty Level Description Image
Party Counter Lv 1 or Higher Before selecting the difficulty level, Oscar will record how many players are currently inside the instance. If any party member logs out, dies, or enters the instance late, the MVP will only take 1 damage for all attacks.

This effect go away when all party members are alive again.
Restart Lv 1 or Higher If all party members are dead for more than 5 minutes, the MVP will despawn and Oscar appear again.

You can summon the MVP again by talking to Oscar.
Fighting Arena Lv 1 or Higher If the MVP moves away from the center fighting arena, Oscar will announce that the MVP must be brought back to the arena within 30 seconds or the battle will restart. Players must be within Grand Darkness (Grid) mechanic. {{}}
Health Regeneration Lv 1 or Higher The MVP heals passively (300,000 * Difficulty Level) HP every 2 seconds. {{}}
Damaged Healing Lv 1 or Higher After dealing damage, the MVP will heal a portion of the damage (~60%) it received approximately 1 second later.

(Need More Information)
Random Party Teleport Lv 1 or Higher When the MVP receives a large amount of damage in a short amount of time, it will randomly teleport all party members within the Fighting Arena. The threshold value for this to occur will depend on difficulty level. {{}}
Firewall (X Pattern) Lv 1 or Higher Spawns firewall in an incremental pattern that will push you very far away.

It can be nullified by Land Protector .
Ground Drive (Ver. 1) Lv 1 or Higher Casts Heaven's Drive on the center of the MVP and spreads incrementally in a (+) pattern.

It can be nullified by Land Protector .
Ground Drive (Ver. 2) Lv 1 or Higher Casts Heaven's Drive on the center of the MVP, then around MVP in a square pattern, followed by a spread incrementally in a (+) pattern.

It can be nullified by Land Protector .
Immune Property Lv 1 or Higher For 30 seconds, MVP receives elemental immunity (physical and magical) to a particular element and display a Chinese Character above its head. The MVP will always choose its elemental weakness. Phantom Amdarais will choose Holy Immunity. Phantom Himmelmez will choose Shadow Immunity.

You can use Dispell or Clearance to remove this effect from the MVP.

Alternatively, players can switch to a neutral element.
Grand Darkness (Grid) Lv 1 or Higher When the MVP is below 90% HP, a grid of Mutated Thorn will appear on the map. After 5 seconds, all surviving Mutated Thorn will hide and cast Dark Grand Cross for 10 seconds. Bathory card will assist in surviving. You can kill the Mutated Thorn so they do not cast Grand Darkness. It is best to stay in the middle of the 4 Mutated Thorns in order to avoid getting hit. {{}}
Grand Darkness Lv 1 or Higher Phantom Amdarais Exclusive Skill. The MVP will cast Shadow Property version of Grand Cross that will follow him around.

Bathory Card will nullify this damage.
Grand Cross Lv 1 or Higher Phantom Himmelmez Exclusive Skill. The MVP will cast Holy Property Grand Cross that will follow her around.

Angeling Card may help but players will take more damage during the Grand Darkness (Grid) mechanic.
Rain of Meteor Lv 1 or Higher Lands fire property meteor (magical damage) on the center of the MVP and spreads incrementally in either a (x) or (+) pattern.

It can be nullified by Land Protector .
Demonic Hell Judgement Lv 1 or Higher A 1 second cast time skill with a 13×13 area of effect with a warning red tile on the floor. This skill deals physical damage (defense-piercing and dark property) and inflicts a random status effect. The damage is either melee or range depending on how close you are to the MVP. {{}}
Ganbantein (Lv 9) Lv 1 or Higher Instantly removes all ground spells in a 9×9 area on the center of the MVP. This skill can remove Land Protector . {{}}
Shield Reflect Lv 1 or Higher A skill that reflects a portion of all melee physical damage back to the user.

You can use Dispell , Empty Shadow , or Golden X.
Change Undead Lv 1 or Higher Phantom Amdarais Exclusive Skill. Changes the MVP elemental property from Shadow to Undead.

This can be ignored if you are using Holy element.
Change Darkness Lv 1 or Higher Phantom Himmelmez Exclusive Skill. Changes the MVP elemental property from Holy to Shadow.

You should change your element to Holy when you see your damage reduced.
Spawn Mutated Khalitzburg Lv 1 or Higher When the MVP is below 70% HP, it will spawn Mutated Khalitzburg. {{}}
Spawn Mutated White Knight Lv 1 or Higher When the MVP is below 50% HP, it will spawn Mutated White Knight. {{}}
Spawn Mutated Raydric Archer Lv 1 or Higher When the MVP is below 30% HP, it will spawn Mutated Raydric Archer. {{}}
Max Pain Lv 3 or Higher Occurs when the MVP is below 70% Health. This skill will change the MVP into a golden color that will keep track of all damage the MVP receives and returns the damage proportionally to all players on the screen.

The best method is to stop damaging the MVP when the first Mutated Khalitzburg spawns and time the skill. Phantom Amdarais's Max Pain has a 10 second duration with a 30 second cooldown which gives players a 20 second window for damaging.

Alternatively, players can use Empty Shadow or Dark Claw to remove it.

Dispell nor Golden X does not work.
Grim Reaper Lv 3 or Higher Reaper Yanku spawns as an NPC and will slowly walk to the MVP. When it reaches the MVP, the Health Regeneration mechanic reduces by 50,000 HP per 2 seconds while its attack will increase. This effect can stack. {{}}
Gradual Gravity Lv 9 or Higher Casts a debuff that reduces your HP by a certain percentage of your max HP per second. This effect can kill you. The best counter to this is to constantly use potions. {{}}
Circle Arena Lv 9 or Higher A blue circle effect will appear randomly in the Fighting Arena. Within 1 minute, players must lure the MVP inside of this circle. If not, the MVP will gain enrage and deal more damage.

(Need More Information)


After defeating Phantom Amdarais, a treasure chest NPC spawns in the middle. When you click on it, temporal items will drop on the floor. The amount of rewards scales with difficulty level.

Reward Item Difficulty Level
Lv 1 Lv 2 Lv 3 Lv 4 Lv 5 Lv 6 Lv 7 Lv 8 Lv 9 Lv 10
Sealed Temporal Circlet 1~5 1~6 2~7 2~8 3~9 3~10 4~10 4~10 5~10 5~10
Temporal Gemstone 0 0 1~3 1~4 1~4 1~5 2~5 2~6 2~6 2~7
Temporal Spell 0 0 0 0 1~3 3~7 5~11 8~16 11~22 14~28
Temporal Fragment 1~15 1~20 1~25 1~30 2~30 2~30 3~30 3~30 4~30 4~30

In addition, each party member will receive Sealed Temporal Circlet from Oscar. The quantity received depends on the party's performance.

The NPC will give 1 Sealed Temporal Circlet for each of the following tasks:

  • Defeat the MVP
  • 3 인의 환영을 보스 공략중에 성불시켰네요. 딱히 가산점을 드릴만 한 기록은 아닌것 같고요… (Need More Information)
  • Defeat all Prime Corruption Root before Oscar purifies them.
  • Defeat the MVP without it Enraging and without any restarts.

Regarding general monster drops:

Item Exchange

You can exchange your rewards for items and weapons.

Sealed Conversion

When you exchange 1 Sealed Temporal Circlet, you can be rewarded with up to 4 conversions:

  • 1 Conversion - 61.1% Chance
  • 2 Conversions - 37.3% Chance
  • 3 Conversions - 1.5% Chance
  • 4 Conversions - 0.1% Chance

During Glast Heim Challenge Mode Event, the chances of acquiring Temporal Spell and Temporal Gemstone are doubled.

Conversion Reward Chance
4 Temporal Fragment 78.93%
8 Temporal Fragment 11.28%
12 Temporal Fragment 1.42%
16 Temporal Fragment 0.41%
1 Temporal Gemstone 5.87%
2 Temporal Gemstone 1.35%
3 Temporal Gemstone 0.34%
4 Temporal Gemstone 0.07%
1 Temporal Spell 0.20%
2 Temporal Spell 0.07%
3 Temporal Spell 0.07%
4 Temporal Spell 0.01%

Royal & Guardian Weapons

Temporal Circlet

Temporal Circlet Enchantment

/navi glast_01 137/291

Talk to NPC OSC0005 to enchant your Temporal Circlet.

During Glast Heim Challenge Mode Event, all enchantment costs are reduced by 50%.

Probability percentages are approximated, extrapolated and rounded based on large sample size of user gathered trials.

First Enchant Second Enchant (Normal) Second Enchant (Special) Third Enchant
Slot Location 4th 3rd 2nd
Material Temporal Fragment 10 Temporal Fragment 20 Temporal Gemstone 2 Temporal Spell 2
Possible Enchants INT+1 (13.00%) INT+1 (11.01%) Temporal Jewel (STR) Lv1 (8.85%) Sharp 1 (2.06%)
INT+2 (7.00%) INT+2 (6.88%) Temporal Jewel (STR) Lv2 (4.87%) Sharp 2 (1.03%)
INT+3 (4.00%) INT+3 (3.85%) Temporal Jewel (STR) Lv3 (2.95%) Sharp 3 (0.52%)
INT+4 (1.00%) INT+4 (1.10%) Temporal Jewel (AGI) Lv1 (8.85%) Sharp 4 (0.26%)
STR+1 (13.00%) STR+1 (11.01%) Temporal Jewel (AGI) Lv2 (4.87%) Expert Archer 1 (2.06%)
STR+2 (7.00%) STR+2 (6.88%) Temporal Jewel (AGI) Lv3 (2.95%) Expert Archer 2 (1.03%)
STR+3 (4.00%) STR+3 (3.85%) Temporal Jewel (VIT) Lv1 (8.85%) Expert Archer 3 (0.52%)
STR+4 (1.00%) STR+4 (1.10%) Temporal Jewel (VIT) Lv2 (4.87%) Expert Archer 4 (0.26%)
VIT+1 (13.00%) VIT+1 (11.01%) Temporal Jewel (VIT) Lv3 (2.95%) ASPD 1 (2.06%)
VIT+2 (7.00%) VIT+2 (6.88%) Temporal Jewel (INT) Lv1 (8.85%) ASPD 2 (1.03%)
VIT+3 (4.00%) VIT+3 (3.85%) Temporal Jewel (INT) Lv2 (4.87%) ASPD 3 (0.52%)
VIT+4 (1.00%) VIT+4 (1.10%) Temporal Jewel (INT) Lv3 (2.95%) ASPD 4 (0.26%)
LUK+1 (13.00%) LUK+1 (11.01%) Temporal Jewel (DEX) Lv1 (8.85%) Spell 1 (2.06%)
LUK+2 (7.00%) LUK+2 (6.88%) Temporal Jewel (DEX) Lv2 (4.87%) Spell 2 (1.03%)
LUK+3 (4.00%) LUK+3 (3.85%) Temporal Jewel (DEX) Lv3 (2.95%) Spell 3 (0.52%)
LUK+4 (1.00%) LUK+4 (1.10%) Temporal Jewel (LUK) Lv1 (8.85%) Spell 4 (0.26%)
- Temporal Jewel (STR) Lv1 (1.10%) Temporal Jewel (LUK) Lv2 (4.87%) Unyielding Lv1 (12.37%)
- Temporal Jewel (STR) Lv2 (0.22%) Temporal Jewel (LUK) Lv3 (2.95%) Mettle Lv1 (12.37%)
- Temporal Jewel (STR) Lv3 (0.02%) - Affection Lv1 (12.37%)
- Temporal Jewel (AGI) Lv1 (1.10%) - Adamantine Lv1 (12.37%)
- Temporal Jewel (AGI) Lv2 (0.22%) - Master Archer Lv1 (12.37%)
- Temporal Jewel (AGI) Lv3 (0.02%) - Magic Essence Lv1 (12.37%)
- Temporal Jewel (VIT) Lv1 (1.10%) - Acute Lv1 (12.37%)
- Temporal Jewel (VIT) Lv2 (0.22%) - -
- Temporal Jewel (VIT) Lv3 (0.02%) - -
- Temporal Jewel (INT) Lv1 (1.10%) - -
- Temporal Jewel (INT) Lv2 (0.22%) - -
- Temporal Jewel (INT) Lv3 (0.02%) - -
- Temporal Jewel (DEX) Lv1 (1.10%) - -
- Temporal Jewel (DEX) Lv2 (0.22%) - -
- Temporal Jewel (DEX) Lv3 (0.02%) - -
- Temporal Jewel (LUK) Lv1 (1.10%) - -
- Temporal Jewel (LUK) Lv2 (0.22%) - -
- Temporal Jewel (LUK) Lv3 (0.02%) - -

If you receive Unyielding, Mettle, Affection, Adamantine, Master Archer, Magic Essence or Acute on the third enchant, it can be leveled in a similar fashion to Bio5 Headgears.

Level Upgrade Temporal Spell Required
Lv1 → Lv2 4
Lv2 → Lv3 6
Lv3 → Lv4 8
Lv4 → Lv5 10
Lv5 → Lv6 12
Lv6 → Lv7 16
Lv7 → Lv8 20
Lv8 → Lv9 28
Lv9 → Lv10 40


  • Every level upgrade attempt has a chance of failure.
  • If you fail on level 2 or higher, the enchant level will be downgraded by 1 level.
  • If you fail on level 1, you will only lose material and the enchant will remain Lv1.
  • No item destruction on failure.

You can reset the headgear (all enchants at once, not selectable) with two options:

  • 500,000z - 70% Success. On failure, headgear is destroyed.
  • 2 Nyangvine Fruit - 100% Success.


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