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  • 21-05-10
  • 21-05-04
    • Updated Booster Promotion page.
      • Added Booster Bell section.
      • Added Booster Packs section.
      • Added Metal Weapons section.
      • Added Booster Armor section.
      • Added Booster Weapons section.
      • Corrected names of enchants for 17.1 Illusion Gears.
      • Standardized page for sections, table formatting, NPCs, and coordinates.
    • Added recipes (171-205) in Item Reform page.
    • Corrected 21-04-08 changelog to include movement of Item Reform page.
    • Rename Eden/Paradise Group to Eden Group / Paradise in sidebar.
    • Updated MVP Combination Gears page.
      • Corrected title to match sidebar.
      • Standarized page.
    • Sorted Guides section in sidebar alphabetically.
    • Standardized Useful Quests page.
    • Standardized Useful NPCs page.
    • Standardized Juno Monster Society page.
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