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Active Events:


For full changelog, visit this link.

  • 21-07-20
    • Added Noodle Festival Coin to Dandy Star's Possible Event Items in July Noodle Festival page.
    • Corrected Volcanic Island Korodo Instance Party Count.
    • Added refine effects for Shadow Equipment in Refine page.
    • Updated information about Blessed Etel Dust in Grade page.
      • Added information about increased probabilities and reduction of enchantment costs during an event.
      • Updated Rewards section to include Oscar's Point System for additional Sealed Temporal Circlet per party member.
      • Added information about Prime Corrupted Root.
      • Added new sources.
      • Updated Difficulty Level section.
        • Added note about difficulty progression to be character bound.
        • Added information about Mutated Thorn's HP scaling.
        • Added information about Health Regeneration scaling.
      • Updated Skills & Mechanics section.
        • Added Random Teleport mechanic.
        • Corrected translation about Grim Reaper mechanic under Skills & Mechanics section.
        • Added use of Empty Shadow for Reflect Shield and Max Pain.
  • 21-07-12
    • Added July Noodle Festival event and linked in Events page.
    • Updated Refine page.
      • Added Bonus ATK & MATK per Refine Over Safety information for Lv 5 Grade D, C, B, and A Weapons.
      • Corrected Bonus ATK & MATK per Refine Over Safety information for Lv 1, 2, 3, 4 Weapons.
    • Updated formatting for Random Turn In across all events.
    • Added note about AP Loss in PVP/WOE maps in 4th Job Mechanics.
  • 21-07-07
    • Added Mad Bunny-LT enchantment in Enchantment System page.
    • Added recipes (269-296) in Item Reform page.
    • Added Event Stone Coin page and linked in Events page.
    • Added Elemental Tables section to Server Information page.
    • Added all possible line options to Lapine Upgrade page.
      • Added Prerequisite required.
      • Corrected HP Value for difficulty level 10
      • Corrected required monster kills from 46 to 47 out of 50 in the first part.
      • Renamed Phantom Amdarais Fight section to Skills & Mechanics.
      • Updated Skills & Mechanics section.
        • Added note about the section being only for troublesome skills and mechanics.
        • Added Reflect Shield skill.
        • Added Fighting Arena mechanic.
        • Added Health Regeneration mechanic.
        • Added Damaged Healing mechanic.
        • Added Grand Cross skill to MVP Skills & Mechanics.
        • Updated information about Max Pain including timing and duration.
        • Updated information about Rain of Meteor patterns.
        • Updated information about Immune Property for Phantom Himmelmez.
        • Updated information about Restart mechanic.
        • Renamed Plant Defense mechanic to Party Counter and updated its information.
        • Translated information for mechanic for difficulty level 10.
    • Updated Old Glast Heim (Challenge Mode) prerequisite to Instances page.
    • Updated Current Events on homepage.
    • Added plugin “cellbg” to add background colors to table cells.
    • Added plugin “color” to add colored text.
    • Added new source to Zeny Guide page.
    • Added new source to Illusion Dungeon Enchantment page.
    • Corrected Survivor's Manteau to not have a slot in Kachua Diamond Exchange page.
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