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제가 천천히 한국어로 번역하겠습니다. 늦어서 죄송합니다.

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For full changelog, visit this link.

  • 21-09-15
    • Updated Enchantment System page.
      • Added Varmundt Rune Equipment Enchants.
      • Sorted columns of enchants by Slot value.
      • Sorted enchant and reset process materials by item ID.
    • Minor typo fixes across all pages.
  • 21-09-13
    • Formatted Events page.
    • Updated Heal Recovery maximum value for Magical Enchants in Illusion Dungeon Enchantment page.
    • Updated Paradise Market page.
      • Replaced fixed NPC images with Divine-Pride images.
      • Fixed equipment names not displaying correct slot information.
      • Standardized page.
    • Updated Skill & Stat Reset page.
      • Added NPC images.
      • Standardized page.
    • Updated Access Quests page.
      • Added NPC images.
      • Standardized page.
    • Updated Item Reform page.
      • Added Initiators section.
      • Sorted materials by item ID.
    • Added more content creators in Videos & Streams page.
      • FIRERENA
      • Jinhong Park
      • Rovin
      • Tuna Tuna
      • Ye Kim
      • 게임하는명월이
      • 나이팅건
      • 라그네스
      • 아주TV
      • 안병희
      • 와이 ですよ (Waii desuyo)
  • 21-09-06
    • Added Thanksgiving Event page and linked in Events.
    • Updated Item Mall page.
      • Added Kachua Mileage Coupon Shop section.
      • Added Jekyll Enchanter section.
      • Corrected option selection for Consumable Stacker.
      • Clarified titles for each exchange options for Special Lapine Upgrade Shop section.
      • Clarified titles for each exchange options for Refine Certificate Packager section.
    • Updated Enchantment System page.
      • Updated banner image.
      • Separated information to dedicated Information section and added clarifications.
      • Separated initiators to dedicated Initiators section.
      • Added Hero's Badge Enchants.
      • Added Hero's Boots-LT Enchants.
      • Clairified item grade effect on possible enchants and probabilities.
      • Updated translations.
      • Sorted Upgrade Enchants by item name.
      • Fixed table aesthetic formatting.
    • Updated Grade page.
      • Added information about bonus success chance during Refine Event.
      • Changed purpose #3 for better clarity.
    • Updated Lapine Upgrade page.
      • Updated new line options.
      • Corrected typo in sources for file names.
    • Fixed links that would sometimes display wrong item images across all pages.
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