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Sanctuary Purification

  • Level Required: 170
  • Party Count: 1+
  • Location: /navi rachel 169/245
  • Cooldown: 1 Day
  • Rewards:

Video Run by 3MP


This instance is more of a daily quest for Amethyst Fragments. It is very short and has no MVP.

  • For the first floor, you must clear your way past Rachel Guards.
  • Portals in Green will appear when you killed all the guards in the path.
  • Follow the path in yellow to reach the temple.

  • For the second floor, meet with the Guard at the orange star. He will announce a code used to lock down the temple.
  • Follow the path in red and clear all the Heart Hunters.
  • At the green locations, you will find an NPC next to the door where you must dial in the code to lock it.



Once completed, talk to the NPC outside the instance to receive two sets of rewards:

  • First Reward:
  • Second Reward:


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