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Airship Crash


Following the Airship Raid with Captain Ferlock, the airship loses control and crashes onto an unidentified island. The Ymir Stone used to power the airship breaks and scatters through out the island. An expedition team makes their way to the crash site for observation. Your goal is to help the expedition team navigate through the island and investigate the monsters that inhabits the place. Through the effects from the Ymir Stone, these monsters are very powerful.

Upon arriving on the island, you will be greeted by a scientist who tells you to head to the cave to meet up with the expedition party.
Go the the entrance portal marked on the minimap. When you enter the cave, you will find the expedition team.

1. Professor

  • Talk to the Professor to receive a briefing regarding the situation and investigation process.
  • Talk to the Professor again to join the investigation party. (2nd Option)
  • Careful: When you join the investigation, monsters will now spawn including on top of you.

2. Kill Quests

  • Talk to the Student (NPC #2) to receive a quest where you must kill monsters from the map.
  • You cannot take multiple kill quests at once.
  • Tip: Avoid the 350 quest and repeat the 200 quest for the best reward ratio.
Quest Reward
Kill 100 Monsters 1 Ymir Fragment
Unlocks Kill 200 Monster quest
Kill 200 Monsters 2 Ymir Fragment
Unlocks Kill 350 Monster quest
Kill 350 Monsters 3 Ymir Fragment

3. Escape Rope Indicator

  • Talk to the Student (NPC #3) to learn about escape ropes.
  • Since you cannot teleport in instances, you can use the Rope Piles to teleport back to the investigation party.
  • Select Option 2 to mark your minimap with yellow + indicating all rope locations.

4. Turn In Fragments

  • Talk to the Ghost (NPC #4) who will tell you about summoning the MVP.
  • Give him 55 Ymir Fragments to summon the MVP.



Item Exchange


You use Ymir Beads to enchant your Unknown Stat Boots.

Note: Line option 1 is guaranteed. There is a chance where line option 2 may not be applied.

Line Option Possible Enchant
1 MHP + 1% ~ 10%
MSP + 1% ~ 10%
2 HP Recovery + 25% ~ 50%
SP Recovery + 25% ~ 50%
MHP + 50 ~ 1000
MSP + 10 ~ 300
Attack Speed + 1% ~ 7%
Variable Cast Time - 1% ~ 10%


Contaminated Card Book may contain the following cards:

Card Location Description
Decaying Tree Armor HP Recovery + 100%
Increase all damage dealt to insect monsters by 10%.
Graveworm Weapon When using Rod or Two-Handed Staff, bypass 10% of magic defense of all races except players.
Additional 2% bypass magic defense per 4 refine.
Increase physical damage received by 2% per 4 refine.
Brain Sucker Weapon MHP - 15%
Drain 2 SP per attack.
Adds a chance of restoring 20% of damage as HP when performing a physical attack.
Mosquito Accessory Variable Casting Time - 7%
Attack Speed - 3%
Molten Poring Headgear MHP + 10%
If VIT is 100 or greater, Earth and Poison resistance + 1%
If VIT is 130, Earth and Poison resistance + 3%
정체불명의 생명체 Accessory (Right) Increase Poison and Dark magic damage by 30%
Holy Resistance - 10%
미확인 생명체 Weapon When using Two-Handed Sword or Two-Handed Axe, melee physical damage + 10% and ASPD + 1.
Additional 1% melee physical damage per 2 refine.


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