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Popcorn Festa


In early summer, Comodo is the first city that gets hot. The scorching heat would envelope the entire city. Attracted by the energy of fire, the volcanic monster begins to gather and thread Comodo every year. But, now the citizens of Comodo no longer consider it a danger. Instead, every year in June, people from all over the world would gather to protect Comodo. In return, the Comodo residents set up a popcorn festival to turn it into a joy.

  • Level Requirement: 30
  • Starting Location: /navi comodo 262/126
  • Duration: June 2, 2021 ~ June 16, 2021
  • Notices:
    • This event occurs annually.
    • All headgears effects, costumes effects, and consumables will be deleted after event. (해당 아이템은 이벤트 종료 후 삭제 됩니다.)

Festa Registeration Quest

/navi comodo 262/126

  1. Talk to Kerlin who asks for 10 Red Hot Marble to participate in the festival.
  2. Obtain Red Hot Marbles from the Event Monsters.
  3. Return to Kerlin who rewards you with 5 Golden Corn.
  4. Talk to Kerlin again who requires an additional 20 Red Hot Marble to craft festive outfits.
  5. Bring the items and Kerlin will reward you with Lime Soda In Mouth and Costume Pet Popcorn Box. Random Turn In unlocked.

Hunting Mild Monsters

/navi comodo 159/196

  1. Talk to Dr. Corn who asks you to hunt 3 Mild Imps and 3 Mild Explosions.
  2. Find and hunt the Event Monsters.
  3. Return to Dr. Corn who rewards you with 10 Golden Corn.

This quest can be repeated daily upon reset at 4:00AM Korean time.

Harvest Magical Herbs

/navi comodo 227/190

  1. Talk to Yerba who asks you to hunt 3 Magical Herbs.
  2. Find and hunt the Event Monsters.
  3. Return to Yerba who rewards you with 10 Healthful Herb.

This quest can be repeated daily upon reset at 4:00AM Korean time.

Event Monsters


  • Event Monsters listed above are found across all normal maps excluding towns, inside buildings, instances, and quests maps.
  • Steal can be used on non-boss type monsters to acquire more event items.
  • Recommended maps for event monsters are treasure_n1 and gef_dun00.

Volcanic Island Korodo

/navi comodo 264/123

Talk to NPC to begin Volcanic Island Korodo instance.

Item Exchange

Random Turn In

/navi comodo 262/126

Talk to the NPC (Option 1) to exchange 20 Red Hot Marble for a random reward.

Possible Reward:

90-Minute Buff

/navi comodo 288/180

Talk to the respective Bonfire NPC to acquire a 90-minute buff for 5 Healthful Herb.

  • Left Bonfire - ATK + 7%
  • Center Bonfire - MATK + 7%
  • Right Bonfire - FLEE + 30, Perfect Dodge + 2, Attack Speed + 5%, Variable Casting Time - 5%

Making Popcorn

/navi comodo 170/196

Talk to NPC to make some popcorn:


/navi comodo 262/126

Talk to the NPC (Option 2) to purchase initiators of the Enchantment System for your Lime Soda In Mouth.

IMG Item Currency Amount
Summer Vibes Golden Corn 2
Summer Vibes Healthful Herb 2

Popcorn Sale

/navi comodo 167/198

Talk to NPC (Option 1) to purchase Popcorn.

IMG Item Currency Amount
Popcorn 2,000z


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