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Dimensional Rift


Help Varmundt in the Dimensional Rift and be reward with Cute Pet items.

  • Level Requirement: 60
  • Starting Location: /navi prontera 156/303
  • Duration: August 4, 2021 ~ August 18, 2021
  • Notices:
    • This event occurs annually.
    • All Cute Pet Coins will be deleted after event. (해당 아이템은 이벤트 종료 후 삭제 됩니다.)

Video Guide by 곰곰2Q
Video Guide by Wandering Star


/navi prontera 156/303

  1. Talk to the Varmundt who will take you to a Dimensional Rift which is one of three random maps based on Prontera, Lighthalzen, or Rachel.
  2. Help the 4 Guardian Stones return to full health by either healing it, defeating nearby monsters, or waiting for it to naturally heal (approximately 15 minutes).
  3. A Guardian Stone will glow with a green aura once it is fully healed. Repeat the process for the remaining Guardian Stones.
  4. After all Guardian Stones are healed, Varmundt will appear at the center and thanks you for your help.
  5. Rewarded with 10x Cute Pet Coin.

During the 2021 Summer Promotion, first time characters will also receive a GM Bigfoot Bag.

All players can repeat the event to claim more Cute Pet Coin once per day resetting at 4:00AM Korean Time.

Event Monsters

Item Exchange

GM Bigfoot Bag

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