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Illusion of Twins

Main Quest

/navi anthell02 177/190

  1. Talk to Mirko and follow quest markers on the minimap.

Daily Quests

NPC Location Quest Reward
Base EXP Job EXP Illusion Stone
/navi anthell02 177/190 Gather 20x Fine Dry Sand 2,446,980 1,849,650 1
Gather 20x Opaque Liquid 2,423,850 1,842,825 1
Hunt 10x Diligent Soldier Andre
Hunt 10x Diligent Piere
Hunt 10x Diligent Vitata
4,987,680 3,709,220 1
Gather 20x Shell of Cognition 2,395,320 1,805,400 1


  • The dungeon is also part of the Illusion Investigation.
  • Daily Quests reset at 4:00AM Korean Time.
  • Daily Quests are unlocked after Main Quest.



  • MVP will spawn after an estimated 3,000 normal monster kills on the map.
  • Blue text 아무것도 들리지 않는 소음이 가까워 옵니다… will be announced on the map when the MVP enters variance spawn (0~10 minutes).


Name Map
Garden of Perception

Item Exchange


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