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For full changelog, visit this link.

  • 22-01-10
  • 22-01-04
    • Updated Enchantment System page.
      • Added Helm of Faith enchants.
      • Removed unused enchant slot for Solid, Wicked, Precision weapons.
      • Updated translations.
      • Updated links to Villa of Deception page.
      • Removed duplicated section regarding weapon enchanting.
      • Corrected typo regarding Gray Wolf equipment.
      • Revised name for Refine Boxes.
      • Standardized page.
    • Updated Villa of Deception page.
      • Added new Vivatus Fides weapons.
      • Added new information regarding Health Regeneration mechanic from December 1, 2021 changes.
      • Updated new information regarding Magic Circle mechanic from December 1, 2021 changes.
      • Reflected unknown new health value for Twisted God Freyja from December 1, 2021 changes.
      • Corrected information regarding Villa Basement Key being a droppable item from bosses.
      • Corrected minor typos.
      • Updated Time Limited Prizes for recent changes.
      • Standardized page.
    • Updated Item Reform page.
      • Added recipes (484-502).
      • Revised new changes to recipes (413) and (417).
    • Added link to Carbonated Water in Juno Monster Society page.
    • Corrected formatting issues in Pets & Evolutions page.
    • Corrected answer regarding Valkyries in RAG★FES page.
    • Corrected name for Festi Cookie in Snow Festival page.
    • Corrected link to Blazing Detardeurus in Varmundt's Biosphere page.
    • Added more content creators in Videos & Streams page.
      • Naoko
      • 이종성
      • 혁옹
      • 희도
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