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제가 천천히 한국어로 번역하겠습니다. 늦어서 죄송합니다.

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For full changelog, visit this link.

  • 21-11-16
    • Updated Royal Hunting Event page.
      • Updated to 2021 Event information.
      • Corrected typos and formatting issues.
      • Added Event Monster section.
      • Standardized page.
    • Updated Booster Promotion page.
      • Updated pricing information for Booster Modification Stone.
      • Clarified duration of Sunken Tower bonus.
    • Updated Miscellaneous Tips page.
      • Added Free Healer section.
      • Added Arrow Management section.
      • Hotlinked Google Translate applications.
    • Updated Navigation System page.
      • Added official website source.
      • Standardized page.
    • Updated Server Information page.
      • Added Cash Shop section
      • Clarified General Info section.
      • Clarified VIP Info section.
      • Corrected typo for Undead under Elemental Tables section.
      • Standardized page.
    • Added phrases for party in Basic Korean page.
    • Added Glast Heim Prison to Grind Locations page.
    • Added Status Reset Coupon Box to Paid Resets section in Skill & Stat Reset page.
    • Added source to Grade page.
    • Added Variable Cast Time line option for Magical Enchants in Illusion Dungeon Enchantment page.
    • Updated link to official website for Episode 14.1 Bifrost in Episodes page.
    • Added plugin “include” for generating pages automatically.
    • Added more content creators in Videos & Streams page.
      • E랏샤
      • Moos King
      • NOYEDDLE
      • 그녀만의반지
      • 난가
      • 이그드라실_쿄이치
      • 이토
      • 지냉
      • 집똘이
  • 21-11-02
    • Added Young Leaf of World Tree and 솔리드, 위키드, 프리시전 enchantment in Enchantment System page.
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