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For full changelog, visit this link.

  • 21-03-03
    • Added Item Reform recipes (105-106) in Equipment Enhancement page.
    • Created Episodes page and linked in sidebar.
    • Remove Episodial Guides category from sidebar.
    • Updated Airship Crash page.
      • Corrected introduction with lore.
      • Added information and rewards regarding Kill Quests.
      • Added item Ymir Ore.
    • Updated Instances page for changes pertaining to Airship Crash rewards.
    • Added Grey Wolf Reputation information.
    • Corrected quest name and lore for Episode 18 Daily Quest: Collecting Folklore.
    • Updated Reputation page.
      • Removed unnecessary information about range of points.
      • Added note about items being unlimited stock unless otherwise noted.
      • Linked to Episode 18 guide.
  • 21-03-01
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