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Thief Tree Guides

These are guides and tips specific to thief class.

Poison Craft Materials

Many of the GX poisons items can be purchased from NPCs.

For almost every flower and poison kits:

  • Go to Morroc behind the build /navi morroc 193/100

For Izidor flower:

  • You can buy these for 100,000 in Paradise Market or hunt from monsters.
  • You can also craft these in Veins.
    1. Go to GX building in Veins. /navi veins 254/255
    2. Go downstairs to the bar.
    3. Talk to NPC next to the bar /navi job3_guil01 91/92
    4. He will convert Animal Gore, Bitter Herb, Deadly Noxious Herb, Frozen Rose, Illusion Flower, and Aloe for one Izidor flower.


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