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Merchant Tree Guides

These are guides and tips specific to merchant class.

Change Cart (Special) Quest

Unlike majority of first job skill quests, this one is not given when you transcend. However, the quest is pretty simple.

  1. Go to Al De Baran, there is an NPC who gives you a quest. /navi aldebaran 75/238
  2. He asks you to kill 50 mimics and get 1 gift wrapping ribbon.
  3. You can get the gift wrapping ribbon by the Gift Shop keeper in Lutie. /navi lutie 169/134
  4. She tells you to find the ribbon inside the gift shop next to her. Go inside and click on stack of presents
  5. Go back outside and talk to the Gift Shop keeper girl and she gives you the ribbon.
  6. Go back to Al De Baran and the NPC will now teach you the expanded Change Cart skill.


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