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Memories of Thanatos

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Thanatos Tower has been revamped on December 18, 2019. To fight Thanatos, you must initiate an instance from Thanatos Tower in the steps between floor 6 and 7.
The instances contains 7 floors of Lv200+ monsters and you must traverse through the memories of Thanatos.

  • Floor 1, 6, and 7 are always the same.
  • The order of memories (floor 2, 3, 4, and 5) is randomized per instance.

Floor 1 - Angel's Warning

You are greeted by an angel NPC (Observation) who warns you about Thanatos and not to seek further. You will press on to relive the memories of Thanatos. However, the angels will attempt to stop you.

Careful: Many Observations will spawn on top of you.

  • Tasks:
    1. Kill all Observations in the room.
    2. Go to the next floor.

Memory of Hatred

  • Tasks:
    1. Kill all Happy Givers and Empathizers.
    2. Kill Odium of Thanatos that spawns in the center.
    3. Obtain Fragment of Hatred from the glowing NPC in the center.
    4. Obtain the 4 Colored Charm Stones by the candles boxed in red on the map.
    5. Go to the next floor.

Memory of Anguish

On this floor, Firewall will spawn diagonally across the map. This doesn't cause much damage other than to block you off.

  • Tasks:
    1. Kill all Shelters.
    2. Kill Dolor of Thanatos that spawns in the center.
    3. Obtain Fragment of Agony from the glowing NPC in the center.
    4. Go to the next floor.

Memory of Sorrow

  • Tasks:
    1. Kill all Solaces.
    2. Kill Maero of Thanatos that spawns in the center.
    3. Obtain Fragment of Misery from the glowing NPC in the center.
    4. Go to the next floor.

Memory of Despair

On this floor, Earthquake occurs at random locations. It deals approximately 3,000 damage per hit.

  • Tasks:
    1. Kill all Retributions.
    2. Kill Despero of Thanatos that spawns in the center.
    3. Obtain Fragment of Despair from the glowing NPC in the center.
    4. Go to the next floor.

Floor 6 - Memory of Anger

  • Tasks:
    1. Use your fragments on the 4 status marked in red.
    2. Kill all Regret, Resentment, Horror, and Anger of Thanatos that spawns in the center.
    3. Obtain Black Charm Stone at the North Statue marked in yellow.
    4. Use all 5 Charm Stones in the center green area to open the portal to Thanatos.
    5. Go to the next floor.

Floor 7 - Thanatos

  • Thanatos is locked at the center and the party leader must talk to Thanatos to release him.
  • When he is released, he will announce the memories that fuels his anger. Pay attention the green message.
    • 분노의 - Anger
    • 증오의 - Hatred
    • 고뇌의 - Agony

  • To weaken Thanatos, you must find the corresponding memory statue at one of the 5 locations marked red.
  • If you destroy the wrong memory statue, Thanatos will instead strengthen.
  • It is recommended to bring land protector or attack from range due to the infinite amount of slaves Thanatos can spawn (similar to Vesper).
  • Thanatos has a restorative buff that you can Dispel or Clearance.
  • Thanatos changes his element to Ghost / Dark / Holy randomly.
  • Every 5~10 seconds, Ground Drive and Thunder Storm will be casted around Thanatos.


Note: All monsters are unique to the instance. They are stronger versions from their normal Thanatos Tower counter parts.


As of April 1st, 2020, rewards has been changed for the instance:

The monsters in the instance no longer drops the shards version. Instead, you can regularly farm the following shards from the normal Thanatos Tower 9th through 12th floors (non-instanced):

Item Exchange

Location: /navi tha_t01 139/83

Shard Exchange

Sinful Accessories

Brilliant Light Accessories


Location: /navi tha_t01 136/83

You can enchant your accessories via two methods:

  • Method 1: You choose the desired enchant but you receive only one enchant on the accessory. It doesn't matter which slot. You cannot enchant again unless you reset.
  • Method 2: You are given two random enchants on the accessory on the 3rd and 4th slot.

You can reset the accessory (all enchants at once, not selectable) with two options:

  • 1,000,000z - 70% Success. On failure, accessory is destroyed.
  • 3 Nyangvine Fruit - 100% Success.


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