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Constellation Tower


Constellation Tower is the major overhaul of Endless Tower. Guided by Oscar once again, Constellation Tower reaches for the stars in terms of difficulty with its unique random difficulty system and time restriction.


Unlike Endless Tower where it had specific monsters and MVPs on designated floors, Constellation Tower's floors have all randomized monsters per floor. These monsters are strong and as you climb the tower, they will continue to get stronger in both health and attack.


A boss monster will still appear every 5 floors just like Endless Tower. However, the boss that spawns will be random. These bosses are not affected by the floor progression difficulty modifier and also not required in the kill count to complete the floor.


Time management is a strong factor in the instance if you wish to reach the highest difficulty. With only 60 minutes, Constellation Tower offers an NPC every 5 floors that can quicken your climb in exchange for Meteorite Dust. If you pay the tribute, you will skip 4 floors (Example Floor 1 to Floor 5). The amount of Meteorite Dust increases each time you use the NPC.


Upon reaching floor 25, you can choose to fight Naght Sieger (Easy) or continue on to floor 50 to fight Betelgeuse (Hard). Choose carefully as you cannot go back to the Tower from the final boss room and you wait 3 days to try the instance again. It recommended to have atleast 30 minutes remaining for the final battle.


If you did press on to fight Betelgeuse, Oscar will appear to ask you if you wish to strengthen the boss. Oscar will require 20 Meteorite Dust to roll randomized attributes for Betelgeuse. These attributes are Health, Attack, Recovery, Defense, and Trap. You can roll stars from 1 to 3, 봉인된 (“Sealed”) or 감화없음 (“No Influence”). Oscar will allow you to roll as many times as you want. As the difficulty increases, so do the rewards in both quantity and type of chests.



  • All monsters are different from the original Endless Tower and normal field mobs.
  • No monster has their original loot table.

Normal Mobs

5th Floor Bosses

Easy Final Boss

Hard Final Boss

IMG Monster
Dead Soul



Item Exchange

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