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Web Vending Machine

Gravity offers their players rewards for logging in, interacting, and discussing on the Ragnarok Online Homepage.

This event is a permanent feature for kRO.

Notice: You should not abuse the event in any way such as changing your IP Address and using multiple accounts. A warning was given by Gravity in this post.


To start acquiring web points, you must first login on https://ro.gnjoy.com/ and select the “Character Representative” button near your account name.


A new window will pop up displaying your characters accross all servers. Select a character that will be for all web activites and rewards. You can change your representative character any time.

After setting up, your home page will be slightly different. Your character, friends, guild members are displayed along with web features activated such as main banner and daily attendance.

Also, you can now create posts, write comments, and perform bulletin board activities such as recommendations. To recommend a post, go to the bulletin boards and find a post you like, then click on the yellow recommendation button.

You can view your web experience and web points under the MyInfo page.

Web Tasks

All web tasks that grants you web experience and web points are shown on the AboutWebPoint page.

Task Web EXP Reward Maximum Times per Day
for Web EXP Reward
Web Point Reward Maximum Times per Day
for Web Point Reward
Login Bonus
(By clicking the Yellow Circle with Ghostring icon)
5 1 0 0
Continuous Login Bonus (3 days) 20 1 20 1
Continuous Login Bonus (7 days) 50 1 50 1
Continuous Login Bonus (15 days) 150 1 150 1
Continuous login bonus (30 days) 450 1 450 1
Continuous login bonus (50 days) 750 1 750 1
Continuous login bonus (100 days) 2000 1 2000 1
Continuous login bonus (200 days) 4000 1 4000 1 After this, 4,000 EXP is rewarded every 100 days.
Continuous login bonus (300 days) 4000 1 4000 1
Create a bulletin board post 5 15 5 15
Write a comment to any bulletin board post 2 30 2 30
Recommend bulletin board posts 1 5 1 5
When receiving recommendations for bulletin board posts 2 2 You cannot recommend yourself.
A different account under the same person cannot recommend your posts.
No recommendations received under same IP.
Click on the main banner from the home page 10 1 10 1
Click on one of the banners from the event list page 10 1 10 1
Click on the item mall banner from the RO SHOP page 10 1 10 1


To exchange your web points, go to the rewards page and select the desired item.

Important Notes:

  • Purchased items cannot be exchanged, refunded, or cancelled.
  • Items will be paid on the Notice tab of RODEX in game.
  • The reward list may be changed anytime in the future.
  • You should turn off pop-up blockers in your web browser's setting optimal event support.
  • RODEX mail expires 6 months after date of purchase resulting in loss of the reward item. Be sure you claim your reward from RODEX.


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