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Spring Flower Festival

At the start of Spring, Prontera's trees bloom pink flowers for all to enjoy. Players can assist Arles with preparation for the Spring Flower Festival.

  • Level Requirement: 30
  • Starting Location: /navi prontera 167/291
  • Duration: April 7, 2021 ~ April 21, 2020
  • Notices:
    • This event occurs annually.
    • All headgears effects, costumes effects, and consumables will be deleted after event. (해당 아이템은 이벤트 종료 후 삭제 됩니다.)

Initial Quest

/navi prontera 167/291

  1. Talk to Arles who asks for 15 Small Flower Spray.
  2. Obtain Small Flower Sprays by attacking blooming trees in Prontera. Tree reblooms after 10 minutes.
  3. Go back to Arles who rewards you with 5 Cherry Blossom Cake.
  4. Talk to Arles again. This time he needs 25 Small Flower Spray to make you 1 Cherry Blossom Fan.
  5. Obtain the Cherry Blossom Fan and wear it to look stylish.
  6. Talk to Arles again. Now he needs 20 Small Flower Spray and 5 Red Herb to attempt to make a costume.
  7. Bring back the required items, and Arles will reward you with either:
  8. Repeat previous step until you obtain the sunglasses.

Flower Spray Exchange

Random Turn In

90-Minute Buff

/prontera 167/291

Talk to the NPC to select a 90-minute buff for 5 Small Flower Spray.

  • [Flower's Power] - ATK + 7%
  • [Flower's Wisdom] - MATK + 7%
  • [Flower's Agility] - FLEE + 30, Perfect Dodge + 2, Attack Speed + 5%, Variable Casting Time - 5%

Cherry Blossom Cake

/navi prontera 167/291

Talk to the NPC to convert 2 Small Flower Spray to 1 Cherry Blossom Cake


/prontera 164/292

Talk to the NPC to buy Aura of Spring for 10 Small Flower Spray.

This item allows you to use the Enchantment System for your Cherry Blossom Fan

Cherry Blossom Cake Sale

/prontera 166/293

Talk to the NPC to donate Small Flower Spray.

Every day from 09:00-12:00 and 21:00-24:00, she will sell Cherry Blossom Cake for 10,000z. The quantity of stock for sale depends on the number of server wide donations.

Number of Donated Small Flower Spray Quantity of Cherry Blossom Cake for Sale
0 - 100 100,000
101 - 500 500,000
501 - 1,000 1,000,000
> 1,001 1,500,000


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