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Ragmarble is a web event that ro.gnjoy.com randomly hosts where players roll a dice and win some prizes. Bonus rewards are granted for completing a number of laps around the board. There is no level requirement and all prizes are sent via RODEX mail under the account tab.

  • Duration: April 7th, 2021 ~ May 12th, 2021

How to Play

  1. Click on the giant pair of dice above the layout board to claim 1 free dice roll.
  2. Click on the red pair of dice in the middle of the board to roll and move your position (Poring Icon)
  3. Repeat above steps every day.

Special Tiles

Special Tile Description
Grants no items if you land here.
Increments your lap counter by 1.
Rewarded 10 World Moving Ticket.
Lose 2 turns by claiming your free dice roll twice.
First 3,000 players who land here are rewarded 1,000 Cash Shop points.
Else, you are rewarded with 4 World Moving Ticket.
Grants additional 2 dice rolls.
Grants additional 2 dice rolls.
No reward.

Lap Prizes

Note: Ragmarble Costume Box will be deleted after the event if left unopened. Please open it immediately upon receipt.


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