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Find the King's Mark

This is a permanent event first introduced on September 23rd, 2011 where players can find King's Mark to exchange for items.

The event occurs on the 28th of every month at 10:00 PM Korean time.


5 minutes before the start of the event, a server-wide broadcast is made hinting the city of where King's Mark will drop.

When the event starts, King's Mark will drop randomly for 10 minutes. They all look visually the same but have different effects.

You can right click to read which is which based on the descriptions. After collecting, you go visit Malangdo to exchange you items.


  • Remember that Greed cannot be used in cities.
  • Dropped items disappear after 10 seconds so obtain them quickly.
  • King's Mark can be traded but some of the exchanged items cannot.

Marks Exchange

You can exchange your King's Mark at the slot machine NPC in Malangdo. /navi malangdo 234/187

King's Mark Value Random Prize Pool
1 Kafra Pass
1 Random Healing Item
10 Old Blue Box
1 Random Item from Gift Box
30 Old Card Album
WoE Purple Potion Box
White Slim Potion Box
1 Random Cooking Ingredient
100 Costume: Reginleif Hairband
Costume: Asgard Bless
Mystical Card Album
High Weapon Box
Splendid Box

If you exchanged at the 100 value option, you will be automatically entered into a lottery for 10,000 cash shop points.


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