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Arbor Day

In celebration of Arbor Day, players can plant and water trees south of Prontera in exchange for various buffs.

Note: This event is annual: Beginning of April.

Planting Trees

/navi prt_fild08 165/370

  • During the event duration, players will receive a RODEX mail under their Account Tab with 2 Young Seedling.
  • Young Seedling is character bound so be decisive when redeeming from the mail.
  • The Male Cat NPC will exchange 1 Young Seedling for stat boost lasting 30 minutes.
  • The stat boost is equivalent of an Almighty and Power Boost combined.

Watering Trees

/navi prt_fild08 167/370

  • Event Aqua Elementals spawn across all normal field maps.
  • They have a chance of dropping Clear Water which is character bound.
  • The Female Cat NPC will exchange 1 Clear Water for a +20% Experience and Drop Rate buff lasting 30 minutes.

Those who used a Clear Water will be entered in a lottery to win 1 Blacksmith Blessing when the event ends (Maximum 100 winners).


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