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The grading system is the latest method to further strengthen your gears. When an equipment is graded, it will have distinctive features for the level of grade.

Grade Item Icon Item Background
Grade D
Grade C
Grade B
Grade A

Grading serves 4 main purposes:

  1. Acquire grade-specific bonuses from an equipment. These bonuses are cumulative.
    • Example: Grade B Thanatos Bow-AD will provide all bonuses described under [Bonus by Grade] for Grades D, C, and B.
  2. Acquire grade-specific bonuses from a card. (Future Implementation)
  3. Provide additional enchant options and increase in probability for Enchantment System. (Future Implementation)
  4. Increase stats gained from refine.

Each grade has a certain percentage bonus compared to an ungraded item. Refer to the Refine page for exact values.

Grade Additional Refine Bonus
Weapons Armors
Grade D 10% Increase in ATK & MATK per Refine ?
Grade C 30% Increase in ATK & MATK per Refine ?
Grade B 50% Increase in ATK & MATK per Refine ?
Grade A 100% Increase in ATK & MATK per Refine ?

Example: Grade B weapon will provide 12 ATK & MATK per refine (8 * 1.50 = 12).


/navi grademk 34/184

Talk to the NPC (Option 1) which opens the Grading UI.

Process Required Materials Base Success Chance Bonus Success Chance
per Blessed Etel Dust
Failure Penalty
No Grade → Grade D +11 No Grade Equipment
Etel Aquamarine 1
70% +1.00% Equipment Destroyed
+11 No Grade Equipment
Etel Aquamarine 5
Grade D → Grade C +11 Grade D Equipment
Etel Topaz 1
60% +0.33%
(Needs Verification)
Equipment Destroyed
+11 Grade D Equipment
Etel Topaz 5
Grade C → Grade B +11 Grade C Equipment
Etel Amethyst 1
50% ? Equipment Destroyed
+11 Grade C Equipment
Etel Amethyst 5
Grade B → Grade A +11 Grade B Equipment
Etel Amber 1
40% ? Equipment Destroyed
+11 Grade B Equipment
Etel Amber 5


  • Only Lv 5 Weapons and Lv 2 Armors can be graded.
  • When a Grade is successful, refine resets to +0.
  • Grading preserves enchants, cards and line options.
  • Maximum of +10.00% bonus success chance can be acquired from Blessed Etel Dust. (Needs Verification)
  • The system is designed where base and bonus success chances can be modified server side (possible for future events).
  • Future implementations can have upto 3 possible methods of grade procedure. Currently, there are only 2 methods per each grade.
  • Zeny tax is variable depending on the equipment and grade.

Grading Materials

/navi grademk 34/184

Talk to the NPC (Option 2) to craft grading materials.

IMG Item Currency Amount
Etel Stone 100,000z
Etel Dust 5
Blessed Etel Dust 100,000z
Etel Dust 5
Blacksmith Blessing 1
Etel Aquamarine 100,000z
Etel Stone 3
Aquamarine 1
Etel Topaz 200,000z
Etel Stone 6
Topaz 1
Etel Amethyst 300,000z
Etel Stone 10
Amethyst 1
Etel Amber 500,000z
Etel Stone 15
Amber 1


  • Etel Dust are common drops from Lv 200+ dungeons such as Nifflheim Dungeon and Amicitia. (approximately 3% drop rate)
  • Topaz and Amber can be purchased from Morroc Jeweler /navi morroc 166/54.
  • Aquamarine and Amethyst must be hunted or purchased from other players.


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