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Varmundt's Biosphere

  • Date Introduced: September 15th, 2021
  • Level Required: 230
  • Prerequisite:
    • Episode 17.2: Legacy of the Wise One

Video Guide by Jinhong Park


/navi ba_in01 252/353

Talk to Admin Beta to receive an introduction to Varmundt's Ecological Environment Research Facility otherwise known as Varmundt's Biosphere.

Players can enter each of the individual Biospheres through the doors within Varmundt's Mansion:

  • Ice - /navi ba_in01 310/38
  • Fire - /navi ba_in01 311/56
  • Grass - /navi ba_in01 325/56
  • Death - /navi ba_in01 339/56

Monsters in the Biosphere may appear visually similar from previous dungeons but have altered mechanics:

  • Increased Health, ATK, MATK, DEF and MDEF.
  • Map-wide damage reduction (approximately 90%). This is not Relieve On nor Green Aura from MVP Bosses.
  • Retains similar item drops with new additions. Refer to below for more information.
  • Monster are above Level 250. This increases probability of inducing Status Debuffs on players.
  • Race, Size, Element remains unchanged from their normal counterparts.
  • MVP Bosses from each of the Biospheres are suspected to have Green Aura which compounds to approximately 99% damage reduction.

Special Item Drop

Daily Quests

During the Varmundt's Great Biosphere Exploration event, players can complete daily quests.

NPC Location Quest Reward
Base EXP Job EXP
/navi ba_in01 309/44 Hunt 100x Monsters from Ice Field 80,000,000 48,000,000
Hunt 100x Monsters from Fire Field 80,000,000 48,000,000
Hunt 100x Monsters from Grass Field 80,000,000 48,000,000
Hunt 100x Monsters from Death Field 80,000,000 48,000,000


  • Daily Quests reset at 4:00AM Korean Time.


Biosphere - Ice

Varmundt's Biosphere - Ice
IMG Monster
Glacial Ice Titan
HP: 6,350,400
Glacial Siroma
HP: 4,593,300
Glacial Snowier
HP: 5,415,750
Glacial Centipede
HP: 3,969,000
Glacial Aqua Elemental
HP: 3,816,150
Glacial Angelgolt
HP: 4,991,100
Glacial Rhyncho
HP: 5,250,000
Glacial Ktullanux
HP: ?

Biosphere - Fire

Varmundt's Biosphere - Fire
IMG Monster
Blazing Explosion
HP: 4,628,250
Blazing Sky Deleter
HP: 3,689,700
Blazing Jakk
HP: 3,528,000
Blazing Lava Golem
HP: 5,715,000
Blazing Majoruros
HP: 5,199,150
Blazing Hydrolancer
HP: 5,622,750
Blazing Black Acidus
HP: 4,425,696
Blazing Detardeurus
HP: ?

Biosphere - Grass

Varmundt's Biosphere - Grass
IMG Monster
Verdant Corinus
HP: 4,537,500
Verdant Pinguicula
HP: 3,652,050
Verdant Hunter Fly
HP: 3,361,500
Verdant Rocker
HP: 4,520,250
Verdant Savage
HP: 5,261,100
Verdant Flora
HP: 3,352,800
Verdant Hill Wind
HP: 3,375,000
Verdant Mistress
HP: ?

Biosphere - Death

Varmundt's Biosphere - Death
IMG Monster
Grave Ancient Mummy
HP: 4,950,000
Grave Lude
HP: 3,652,050
Grave Ragged Zombie
HP: 4,407,300
Grave Wraith Dead
HP: 3,711,750
Grave Flame Skull
HP: 3,667,950
Grave Banshee
HP: 4,724,400
Grave Abysmal Knight
HP: 5,625,000
Grave Lord of the Dead
HP: ?

Item Exchange

Engraved Equipment

Varmundt Rune Equipment

Rune Stones

/navi ba_in01 361/50

Talk to NPC to convert rune fragments to runes.

IMG Item Currency Amount
Glade Rune 20,000z
Glade Rune Fragment 10
Fire Rune 20,000z
Fire Rune Fragment 10
Ice Rune 20,000z
Ice Rune Fragment 10
Death Rune 20,000z
Death Rune Fragment 10


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