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Clock Tower: Unknown Basement


/navi c_tower1 243/202

Go to the NPC location and talk to the box (Option 1).

A Demon will appear who explains the hidden depths of the Clock Tower.

Near the Demon, there is a door to enter the Unknown Basement of Clock Tower.


NPC Quest Group Quest Reward
Base EXP Job EXP Items
/navi c_tower1 243/202 Devil's Meal Breakfast - 100x Monsters in Unknown Basement 38,409,074 25,606,020 1 Lead
Lunch - 300x Monsters in Unknown Basement 136,177,626 90,784,980 3 Lead
Dinner - 1000x Monsters in Unknown Basement 698,346,800 465,564,000 10 Lead
Devil's Pet Mimic Find the Mimic in Unknown Basement /navi clock_01 84/44 1,745,867 1,163,910 -
Devil's Snack Gather 100x Jokers Wild 280,442,400 186,961,600 -
Gather 100x Shining Round Shell 347,798,000 231,865,000 -
Gather 100x Colorful Coral 347,798,000 231,865,000 -
Gather 100x Cute Broom 279,337,600 186,224,800 -
Devil's Special 5000x Monsters in Unknown Basement 2,182,333,750 1,454,887,500 3 Clock Gear


  • Devil's Meal share the same quest cooldown so carefully select the desired meal.
  • Devil's Snack is randomly given. Players cannot select which item to gather.
  • Devil's Meal, Devil's Pet Mimic, and Devil's Snack reset daily at 4:00AM Korean time.
  • Devil's Special reset weekly at Monday 4:00AM Korean time.


IMG Monster
Extra Joker
HP: 9,815,492
HP: 9,776,814
HP: 9,738,335
General Orc
HP: 9,815,292
HP: 9,738,335
Goblin King (MVP)
HP: 341,640,529

Item Exchange

/navi c_tower1 243/202

Talk to NPC (Option 4) to open a random shop.

It is not possible to select which shop to open. Players must continuously talk to the NPC until the desired shop opens.

Solid Weapons

Wicked Weapons

Precision Weapons

Enchant Materials

IMG Item Currency Amount
Clock Gear Lead 15
Clock Regulator Lead 15
Clock Gear 1


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